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With imported live plants from Singapore and German Sera products to create the perfect biotope atmosphere, owner Jeannie Lister wants to move beyond the classic fish bowl aesthetic to create lush landscapes. Everything from dense reef aquariums to blue sand sifting starfish is available at the store, including the fantasy of tropical locales and imported relaxation. 1262 Burrard St., Downtown, 604-669-9249


With an exclusive clothing line from Tokyo and imported Italian leather carriers, Barking Babies is the Fred Segal of Vancouver’s pet royalty. Carrying items from Little Lilly, Juicy Couture and PETote products ensuring that pup is fashionably ready for a 5 a.m. walk in the park. The store recently located to bigger (make that thrice-the-size) digs, 1188 Homer St., Yaletown, 604-647-2275


Doggy Style Deli specializes in the Pandean dog diet that has been de rigueur for puppies in Australia for the last 10 years. Something like our raw food craze, the Pandean diet consists of fresh meat and veggies lightly cooked and served hot. The meals range from $2.50 to $6 and are available for eat-in or take-out. The deli’s liver brownies are top-sellers and run at $1.99 a slice. 985 Denman St., West End, 604-488-0388


Since everybody and their dog is selling something superfluous (er, essential) for your pampered pooch, you’ve got to work hard to make an impression on Rover. Start at Fetch, where you can find Beanies and Belvedere’s traditionally styled trench coat—for Rover, of course—as well as the Petote dog carrier, which, while ventilated and padded for your puppy, looks an awful lot like your designer purse. At the in-house Spaw, yucky pups become lovely lap dogs. 120 W. 16th St., North Van, 604-986-8302


Mestisos is a full-service pet spa with a retail wing. While they offer locally produced raw food and clay-free cat litter, they also offer healing Reiki massage and hydrotherapy rehabilitation for injured pooches. Dreading a long walk in the rain? Mestisos can set you up with a self-service treadmill to keep you and your pup in tiptop shape. 3087 Oak St., Fairview, 604-738-0033


Where else but in the heart of Kitsilano would residents line up to let their critters chow down on Bark ‘n’ Fetch Biscuits or chomp on some SnickerPoodles? Introduce pooch to Lick ‘n’ Crunch; the Oreo cookie made for dogs. 2186 W. Fourth Ave., Kitsilano, 604-737-3647


Uptown Dawg offers their guests long walks in Rocky Point Park and “relaxation” sessions in their Zen-inspired Doggysage Room. In between treatments, Fido can watch Ray Benenati’s The Movie For Dogs on a flatscreen TV. And if driving out to Port Moody proves too time consuming, Vancouver residents can schedule pickup and return in the spa’s Puppy Limo. Dog’s life indeed. 2803 Murray St., Port Moody, 604-469-DAWG


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but the pooches prefer Woofgang Pet Supplies. Must be the 100 percent natural, chemical-free pet food and treats, designer feeding bowls and pet grooming products. So if you love your dog enough (guilt trip working?) to feed it specially formulated vitamins and organic wild salmon treats, add Woofgang’s address to your PDA. Pets are, of course, welcome. 3356 Cambie St., South Cambie, 604-876-8759