Shop the West End


It would be impossible to take in the, ahem, atmosphere of the West End without visiting Cottonmouth—artisanal hand-pipes and vaporizers offer a heady, colourful display. Extra-curricular activities aside, we appreciate a well-made bong when we see one. The double spiral of North Vancouver’s Red Eye Glass ($200) is beautifully sculptural and with the bowl removed, could double as an art piece if guests drop by unexpectedly. 1120 Davie St., 604-331-1602


The concept behind the modern and bright little shop is simple—mix living accessories like unique potted plants with hand-picked traditional home decorating pieces such as lamps and vases. Best sellers include miniature prehistoric Sago Palms and hand-tied fresh bouquets. 1332 Davie St., West End, 604-685-3500


If the selection of limited-edition Nikes (like the Jordan III or the LeBron James Air Force 20th Anniversary Hi Top) at Headquarter aren’t exclusive enough for you, how about the pimped-out Dunk Hi basketball shoes ($700)? Made in Mexico, the hand-tooled leather and horsehair (or snakeskin and horsehair) kicks are impressive enough to be worn with a Dior suit, and street enough to swing a wife-beater. 1232 Burrard St., 604-688-0406


The home decor nag-azines trumpet the virtues of bold, patterned accent walls with a neo-Parisian flair—a trend that might result in a room fit only for a MuchMusic interview with Hilary Duff. For something that reeks less of design desperation, Montréal-based Pierre Belvédère offers a range of storage boxes, office organizers and even a cute-as-a-button garbage can upholstered in a classic yet delightful black and white toile ($14.99-39.99). 1055 Davie St., 604-682-2204


Momentum, the city’s shrine to men’s grooming, will be offering hot shaves by the end of summer. From their extensive range of grooming products, owners Graham Bingham and Robert Graham have chosen True Gentleman, the Beverly Hills-based line of all-natural aromatherapeutic shaving products as their in-house brand. 1237 Burrard St., 604-689-4636


A little whimsy can go a long way when you’re wearing a business suit. While some men enjoy the yuks of a novelty tie, we highly discourage such a sad fashion faux pas. For the aspiring securities grifter, Simon Carter has cornered the market with his crystal dollar and pound sign cuff links, all the better to keep your eyes on the prize. 1124 Denman St., 604-605-8890. Other locations: 101–595 Howe St., Downtown, 604-684-0748; 289 Davie St., Yaletown, 604-683-0188; 102B-375 Water St., Gastown, 602-622-7494


Modern style innovators like Kate Moss and Karen O aren’t pulling together their eclectic fashion statements just by shopping at posh boutiques. They’re mixing old with new, and high-end looks with a little grunge for that perfect combination of dishevelled elegance. At Retro Rock, you’ll find the means to their aesthetic with a great selection of rock concert T-shirts, fitted leather bombers, gently faded silk kimonos and colourful shift dresses that look great dressed down with a scuffed-up pair of riding boots. 590 Davie St., 604-872-7665. Other locations: 3553 Main St., South Main, 604-872-7667; 2240 Commercial Drive, 604-872-7670

Where to Drink

By now you must have heard about architects Heather Howat and David Battersby’s little watering hole, 1181. If not, shame on you. The clean and modern space features a low-slung sofa under the wall-length window, offering the perfect people-watching perch as you sip the 1181 Margarita made with kaffir lime-infused El Jimador tequila ($8.50). 1181 Davie St., 604-687-3991.