Shop West Vancouver


At Home stocks paint and damask wallpaper by England’s Farrow & Ball. If that’s not reason enough to shop here for your home (it should be), there’s also a well-chosen selection of candelabra, beautifully refinished antique dressers and sweet Karen Wilson vintage-inspired handbags (from $220). 1530 Marine Dr., 604-922-3282


Lest the man in your life be afflicted with the fashion atrocities that caught up with your father (read: khakis, denim shirt, sports socks), have him shop at Duke’s Northshore. Definitely Hawaii- and California-influenced, but decidedly not for teenage boys, this is the place to find a maturely edited selection of button-up shirts, jeans, shorts, and T-shirts (including one that says “Old Guys Rule”) by the biggest surf labels including Hurley, Billabong and Quiksilver. Ask yourself: are you or your Volvo too serious for a dashboard hula girl ($13)? We thought not. Park Royal North, 604-913-7846


We don’t have Sephora, but we do have Kiss & Makeup. Cult beauty products here include Lippman Collection nail polish ($20) and REN Acacia Lip Honey balm ($14). The boutique now carries accessories like Andrea Breukner bags and shoes by Cynthia Vincent. Representing local talent are Linacare, Principessa and sassy Smart Ass thong undies. You’ll find lots for your boy here, too, such as the Fresh Tobacco Soap ($17)…but he probably won’t want to play with the products for hours, like you will. The Village at Park Royal, 604-922-6292


Even if you’ve never done a sun salutation or downward dog you’ve seen your fair share of derriere encased in Lululemon pants. For the essential yoga and workout gear, in a variety of cuts, styles, lengths and colours, you needn’t look much further. 925 Park Royal Village, 604-921-6125. Other locations: 1148 Robson St., Downtown, 604-681-3118, Oakridge Centre, 2113 W. Fourth Ave., Kitsilano, 604-732-6111; Metrotown Centre, Burnaby, 604-430-4659


Moulé is proof that the prairies produce more than wheat and NHL stars. The Winnipeg-based chain should be your first stop in an 11th-hour panic for the perfect gift. Find Seven Ports painted, glazed vases, Tozai Homes copper bowls, Phuze handmade martini sets ($85 per glass), and a rainbow of leather passport covers and luggage tags ($29) by Abas. But our favourite? The Italian Momo watches (from $595), as in the automotive company that makes accessories like stick shift knobs and steering wheels. Cool. Park Royal South, 604-925-3679


You’ll come across the odd tank-top or tee, but they’ll be adorned with a funky design or artsy pattern-the focus here is on dressing up. Find wall-to-wall designer labels like Ingwa Melero, Issa and Nougat. The Village at Park Royal, B5-940 Main St., West Van, 604-926-6677

Where to Lunch

You’ve had a hard day shopping. Poor you. Find comfort at Savary Island Pie Company. Sure, there’s nothing fashionable about it, but weekend breakfasts at the communal table are a tradition for Shore folk. The trays (upon trays) of baked goods cure any craving (the tortieres and apple pies are king, as are the apricot scones), and if it’s raining, opt for homemade soup with bread straight from the oven. On sunny days, the chicken and basil sandwich ($10) will have you energetically waving that credit card around again in no time. 1533 Marine Dr., 604-926-4021.