Valentine’s Gifts: He Said, She Said

He said:

Romance and spontaneity go hand-in-hand, but a little prep goes a long way too. Put on your best performance this Valentine’s Day with this round-up of gifts to show her you’re ready for the lead role in her heart. 



She Said:

The countdown has officially begun – it’s little more than one week until V-Day. Usually we would be practicing our fake smiles in the mirror at this point: “Oh wow, Britney Spears’ perfume, thank you!” but this year ShopGirl has it covered. Our comprehensive Valentine’s ‘She Said’ gift guide is this year’s essential handbook for the treats we actually want!

Note: Here’s the link – just in case you want to subtly send it to friends, boyfriends and friends with benefits.



We said:

Buy lingerie. Buy beautifully sculpted lingerie that she won’t feel insecure in. This Gloria Basque is exquisitely sculpted to provide additional support where required with an extremely provocative outcome.  

Gloria Basque 


Gloria Basque
Agent Provocateur at Holt Renfrew