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3 Tips for Selecting the Right Lamp for Your Space

How to choose the right lamp for the purpose, aesthetic, and function of any room.

Selecting a lamp might seem easier than selecting hardwired lighting fixtures, as a lamp’s portable nature provides more flexibility. However, having a thoughtful plan for portable lamps can make a difference in a space.

Here are a few considerations when selecting a lamp:

Tip 1: Decide the Lamp’s Purpose

Lamps have multiple uses—they can add a decorative element, accentuate certain areas or features, provide lighting for tasks, or provide general lighting in a space. Though lamps are multi-functional, ideally, it is best to focus on one intended purpose. When lamps are mindfully selected, they do not distract from other elements in a space, but rather, give the room a cohesive look.

Tip 2: Consider the Lamp Shade Material

Lamp shades come in different designs and material, which alters how lighting is distributed. It might be more suitable to select certain lamps made of certain materials over others, depending on the lamp’s purpose. For instance, lamps designed with more translucent shades are often good for general lighting or adding a decorative element to the space. Light is softly diffused through the shade offering a warm and comforting glow. Lamps with opaque shades will often direct lighting to an opening, which makes the lamp more suitable for task lighting.

Tip 3: Know What Lamp Type Suits the Purpose

There are three different types of lamps: table lamps, desk lamps, and floor lamps.

Table lamps are often used for tasks like reading, but more often as a decorative element for a space. They are placed next to seating areas, on top of buffet tables, or on nightstands.

Desk lamps, on the other hand, are specifically used for specific tasks that require focus and directional light, such as reading/writing, sewing, and arts and crafts. Unlike table laps, desk lamps concentrate light in a certain direction and are usually adjustable. Desk lamps, as the name implies, are often placed on desks or in dedicated work areas.

Floor lamps are generally used to accentuate the corners of a space, cast an ambient light in a room, or provide light for reading or other tasks. When a floor lamp is used for a specific task, it is best to place the floor lamp behind a seating area where lighting can cast over the shoulder and not cause a glare.

Overall, lamps are a great way to add a layer of lighting to a space. Their portable nature also makes it easy to adjust their location or style to match the aesthetic of a space. Focusing on a single purpose for a lamp helps maintain cohesion in the room and ultimately impacts the type of lamp selected.

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