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7 Types of Natural Stone for Your Home

Natural stone can be used to provide a stunning addition to the interior or exterior of any house. Durable, fireproof and maintenance-free, stone structures that are well-built will stand for centuries as they are able to endure just about any type of weather conditions.Natural stone is environmentally friendly due to...

Natural stone can be used to provide a stunning addition to the interior or exterior of any house. Durable, fireproof and maintenance-free, stone structures that are well-built will stand for centuries as they are able to endure just about any type of weather conditions.

Natural stone is environmentally friendly due to its thermal mass providing natural insulation, which will help decrease your energy bills.

Although natural stone might be pricier than other building materials, its longevity and durability, along with the exquisiteness that it offers, is worth the price in the long run.

Let’s take a look at the seven most sought-after types of natural stone: quartzite, flint, travertine, limestone, granite, marble and sandstone.


Highly durable with an elegant crystalline sparkle, quartzite is among the world’s hardest natural stones. It has a similar look and durability to marble and can withstand extreme temperatures and scratching. Due to it being resistant to heat, many chemicals and stains, it is low-maintenance, and therefore an excellent choice for bathroom countertops, islands, wall coverings and vanity tops, and should be just perfect for busy kitchens or families with small children.


Flint is popular in the construction of stone walls and homes due to its tendency to strongly resist weathering and its ability to be cut and arranged in various patterns that give each home a unique look. Flint comes in a variety of solid colours, including black, grey and blue, and is an important building material in the southeast of England, where, for centuries, it has been used in the construction of churches, farmhouses and other structures.

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Also a popular building material, travertine is one of the most beautiful stones used in home construction. It is oftentimes used on exterior walkways, tiled floors, counters and inside homes. A major reason this stone is favoured for homes is the numerous colour options, ranging from pink, orange, grey and beige to shades of brown.

Travertine is not only impact-resistant but also wear-resistant, which makes it perfect for your heavy use areas, such as kitchen and bathroom floors and showers. Due to travertine being heat and pressure-resistant, it is also ideal building material for fireplaces and areas surrounding your swimming pool.


Considered a prestigious material, granite is used in architecture to produce an appearance of elegance and quality. Granite is an excellent investment for any home construction and decoration. Brown, pink and black are among the most popular granite colours.

Low-maintenance and recyclable, granite is perfect for exteriors, including driveways and swimming pools. In your kitchen, polished granite slabs will create colourful and durable work stations and countertops, as granite is resistant to moisture, scratching and heat and so can remain unchanged for decades. Granite tiles can also be used as wall panels and flooring in bathrooms and living rooms to create elegant, high-lustre spaces.

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With its even texture and ability to be sculpted and tailored, the versatile limestone is an excellent natural stone for your home exterior. Limestone weathers naturally, and so, over the years, it will give your home an enviable, distinctive look.

Highly resilient and with superior fire-resistant characteristics, limestone will maintain its structural integrity for many years. Also thermally stable, limestone will reduce your heat and cooling needs, ensuring greater comfort for your family, a reduction in energy costs.

However, being a porous stone, limestone may scratch and stain easily. Therefore, it is best to avoid using it in functional areas, such as your kitchen counters.


This luxurious natural stone is widely used in prestigious architecture and interior design. Commonly used indoors as flooring and kitchen countertops, marble is available in a wide array of colours and patterns, varying from brown to pink, purple and grey, and in mixed hues. While this translucent stone’s smooth and polished texture will require special care when used to embellish the exterior of your home, it will provide impeccable beauty and durability.

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This remarkable stone is usually known for its use in outdoor spaces, such as driveways or gardens. Widely acclaimed for its natural strength, durability and slip-resistant properties, sandstone can be comfortably placed in areas where water is used, such as lawns and pools.

Sandstone is not only able to withstand the harshest climates, but it also increases in value and aesthetic appeal over time. It is also ultra low-maintenance and can easily be cleaned with just plain water. It also retains its original colour even after being exposed to sunlight and other elements. Colours vary from white to pink, orange, yellow and even purple hues.

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