Brand/New: Le Creuset

Why everyone's favourite French cookware company opened a new stand alone store on South Granvillle

Why everyone’s favourite French cookware company opened a new stand alone store on South Granvillle

Le Creuset is taking over the world—or, at least, the kitchens of the world. And if you don’t believe it, well, just check out their new stand-alone store on south Granville. It’s the biggest the company has ever opened—all 2,000 square feet worth—and it’s intended to serve as a showroom for the entire Canadian market. And while that showroom still features the classic colours like cherry red and vintage flame (the one Le Creuset started with back in 1925) it also has some racier options like soleil, palm, and bonbon, one of the two new pink hues that are catching everyone’s eye right now. “They’re the first and second best-selling colours in Asia right now for Le Creuset,” says Le Creuset spokesperson Natalie Dutil, “so we decided to bring them into all of our stores. We felt like we were missing that pop of trendy colour.”View More: new store also features a working kitchen and 12-seat bar area that will play host to local cooks—and, of course, cookware demonstrations. And while there are plenty of the French ovens that are either in everyone’s pantry or on everyone’s wedding and birthday wish list, the store also features Le Creuset’s expanding range of items that now includes chef’s knives, tableware, and even a baby collection (one that Dutil says doubles neatly as a sushi set). Le Creuset also added a pizza pan and madeleine pan to its roster this year. Indeed, it’s getting to the point where you could almost kit out your entire kitchen exclusively with its products. “You’re pretty close,” Dutil says. “You’re maybe missing some cutlery and some glassware, but you can do it—and you can have a lot of fun with the colours.”View More: it’s still those iconic French ovens (sorry, Dutch readers) that are Le Creuset’s best-selling item. And while it certainly has its rivals—or, perhaps, imitators—there’s a reason why it makes sense to shell out the big(ger) bucks for the real deal. “It’s innovation. It’s technology. It’s making sure we have the best enamel. It’s hand-inspected by 13 artisans in our factory. These are products that are still hand-made—they build the sand mold, they pour in the pig iron, and then those sand molds are broken. Each piece is technically different—this isn’t a factory that’s pumping out a bunch of French ovens on an assembly line.” That quality control and commitment to innovation means they weigh less and last longer than their peers. One even survived an apartment fire that destroyed the rest of the customer’s belongings. “She sent us this devastating picture of the destruction, and the oval French oven was almost intact. She’s said, ‘I washed it and I’m using it. It’s the only thing we were able to keep.’”View More: Creuset997 Granville