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Roots of Comfort

Raphael Navot’s Nativ collection brings the human form back to nature.

Even in a world of constant change and evolution, people will always look to nature and ancient forms for comfort and inspiration. Sensual, vibrant textures, flowing ovular shapes, even the human form itself recall a return to our wild roots, and bringing this energy into our homes is the ultimate tribute to a life well lived.

Designer Raphael Navot has created Nativ—a luxury home furnishing collection that speaks to a young, thoughtful generation craving this simplicity and connection to the outdoors. It is his first series and, created in partnership with Roche Bobois, it illustrates a timeless connection between the human form and natural materials and shapes. Throughout the collection, soft, enveloping surfaces remind us that Navot has departed from the formal, narrow pieces and hard, sleek surfaces luxury typically recalls. Instead, he turns to high-quality, natural materials whenever possible—solid wood, wool, cotton, ceramics and mineral coatings—to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a focus on true comfort.

Underline is a perfect example of this. It is a series of straight and corner sofas, a loveseat and méridienne daybed in nubuck leather, fabric or a combination. The forms are warm and soft with casual lines and muted shades, leaving the room an open palette for pops of colour or creative feature pieces. They remain front and centre, however, with plush composition that pampers the body and a soft duvet component that curves around the armrests and extends between the base and seat.

An integral part of Navot’s collection is his rediscovery of traditional techniques, such as the parquetry involved in creating the Patchwork tables. Hundreds of intricately connected solid wood pieces assemble in a pattern that never repeats, seeming to speak to the deliberate chaos that informs the human experience. The table’s surface is a simple oval resting on legs surfaced like raw tree bark. Function is also a priority, as the joints between pieces can be filled to create a dining table or left open for cocktail tables and consoles.

Of course, the most meaningful experiences are shared with others, and the Identities chairs bring people together to celebrate their connection. The set of five is available in different but related colours, heights and back designs—like a family, each piece is similar to and recalls memories of the others, but is completely unique.

Nativ welcomes touch and experience without spatial or temporal reference. It is classic and familiar, yet never done before. It is, above all, free.