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Unleash Your Inner Chef and Elevate Your Cooking

Miele introduces the next generation of kitchen appliances designed to redefine culinary endeavours, available at Midland Appliance.

Step into the future of culinary excellence with Miele’s Generation 7000 range of built-in appliances—their most ambitious release to date. This isn’t just about cooking; it’s about crafting experiences that elevate your everyday life. Merging cutting-edge technology with intuitive design, Generation 7000 is set to revolutionize home cooking, making it simpler, smarter and far more enjoyable.

Miele, the epitome of global appliance brands, has found its ideal partner in Midland Appliance, a company striving to be Canada’s most admired appliance retailer. As the first Miele dealer in BC, Midland Appliance shares Miele’s commitment to unparalleled excellence.

Design Beyond Compare

Miele’s Generation 7000 lineup presents four distinct design lines, each meticulously crafted to harmonize with any kitchen aesthetic. From the modern allure of PureLine to the minimalist elegance of ArtLine, these appliances are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the palate.

“Interior designers are drawn to Miele because of their seamless integration into kitchens,” explains Sylvia McDonald, client relations at Midland Appliance. “With enough variety in their line, Miele offers solutions for any kitchen style, from heritage homes to contemporary spaces.”

Cooking to Perfection

Say goodbye to culinary guesswork with Miele’s Generation 7000 Combi-Steam Oven—the pinnacle of culinary precision. Seamlessly combining steam and convection technology, this oven transforms every dish into a masterpiece, locking in flavour and nutrients with unmatched consistency. Equipped with an advanced probe, state-of-the-art sensors and MasterChef cooking programs, the oven automatically sets the temperature, cooking time and sequence, making it effortless to cook multiple items at once.

With settings precise to one-degree increments, sous-vide cooking becomes a breeze. “When you’re cooking with a steam oven, you can cook multiple things at the same time and flavours don’t transfer across,” McDonald says. “It’s the new must-have for the home chef.”

Indulge in Coffee Luxury

Elevate your coffee experience with Miele’s Gen 7000 coffee machines—where two decades of coffee expertise meet cutting-edge innovation. From freshly ground beans to hassle-free maintenance with AutoClean and AutoDescale functions, every cup is a testament to uncompromising quality and convenience. “Hosting a dinner party? The built-in milk container keeps milk cold for hours, so you can effortlessly whip up lattes and cappuccinos,” McDonald says. “Plus, these machines are plumbed for even more convenience.”

Beyond The Kitchen

The Miele Generation 7000 lineup extends far beyond cooking, offering a comprehensive suite of appliances designed to transform every aspect of your kitchen. Midland Appliance’s seasoned experts are committed to ensuring a smooth integration of Miele Generation 7000 into your kitchen. With 40 years of experience and expertise across four specialized divisions—single-family, multi-family, design team and retail/showroom—Midland Appliance is there to guide you every step of the way.

Explore Miele’s Generation 7000 lineup on display at Midland Appliance’s showrooms in Richmond, Vancouver, Langley and the newly opened Abbotsford showroom.

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