Wish List: Someone Please Buy Me This Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Outdoor lifestyle brand Goodland makes its grand debut with the cedar hot tub of our dreams.

Introducing the newest thing for your list of Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted And Then You Saw It And Now It’s The Lynchpin Of Your Living-Off-the-Grid Fantasies: this stunning wood-burning hot tub from B.C.’s own Goodland

Just looking at these inspo pics are enough to make one’s shoulders drop. The idea of being submerged in the great outdoors as plumes of sweet wood-smoke and crackle of the fire waft by—we’ve got chills.

The tubs (which sell for $7,295) are the first offerings from the recently launched outdoor lifestyle brand, run by Craig Pearce, founder of Union Wood Co. He’s been making beautiful furniture pieces with his team for years now, but after relocating to Bowen with his wife four years ago, Pearce has quietly been cultivating a passion for “finding simpler ways” and connecting with nature—a passion he’s now intent on sharing with the world.  

For instance: he fell in love with the ritual of wood-fired tubs himself after installing one on his own property. “I love getting the wood, stacking the wood, heating the tub,” he says. “Whenever day I have off, there’s an anticipation that builds. It’s about the atmosphere and energy and anticipation of preparation… kind of these elemental feelings that are being stirred up.” 

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With Goodland’s design (made in Canada from marine-grade aluminum and Western Red Cedar), no electrical or plumbing expertise required for setup, and each tub can fit “a small family of four.” Prep your wood, stoke the fire, set a timer for 90 minutes and await that blissful moment of submersion.

These tubs are the first pieces in a collection that will eventually include outdoor ovens and artfully crafted bird-feeders, many pieces developed in collaboration with Canadian designers. “We’re focused on outdoor living products: not necessarily furniture and accessories, but items that encourage people to interact with the outdoor environment more,” says Pearce. At the heart of the brand is ritual and “the art of the pause”—simple tasks that give you rest and peace.

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The company’s first batch of cedar tubs have already sold out, so get that pre-order in for the next January/February release. Even if the only place you’ve got to set it up it is a slice of backyard in the heart of the city (or patio?!), a dip offers the promise of a moment of Zen… until we invite ourselves over to start splashing around, that is.)