5 Gift Baskets That Say, “Sorry I’m Not Coming Home for the Holidays”

For those relatives giving you a hard time about, you know, listening to healthcare professionals.

A lot of us are having “the talk” with our parents and grandparents this week. Not about birds or bees (ew), but bubbles. It’s certainly a difficult time to navigate the holidays, and having friends and relatives that aren’t team Flatten the Curve (should we make t-shirts?) is super stressful. You know what makes a hard conversation easier? Presents. These local picks might help soften that awkward talk.

1. Legend’s Haul’s Local Legends Box

The Local Legends box is ideal for folks who know their way around the kitchen— there’s lots of lavish ingredients to elevate their cooking (think St. Lawrence nori salt, Juke Fried Chicken spice, Chambar spiced honey and Indian Pantry chai spice). There’s also a few ready-to-eat goodies like Nightingale pistachio nougat, DownLow Chicken spiced cashews and shortbread cookies. Plus, the box comes with a $25 gift card to Legend’s Haul—so they can get their faves again. $120, full menu at legendshaul.com.

2. Coho Commissary’s BIPOC-Led Local Foodie Box

While you’re having that difficult holiday conversation, why not also also encourage your family and friends to support local BIPOC-led businesses? Look at you, taking conscious steps to improving our community! Coho Commissary has gathered up the best of the city for us, with picks from Sriracha Revolver, Kula Foods, Van Koji Foods, Panela, True Nosh, The Indian Pantry, and Luv the Grub. Load ’em up with that cilantro lime hot sauce. $90, full menu at cohocommissary.com.

3. Chickadee’s Cocktail Kits

Anyone can be their own bartender (tutored by the Chickadee Room’s Sabrine Dhaliwal and Lily Duong, of course) with these cool cocktail kits. Each one comes with all the ingredients needed for four servings of three different cocktails—that’s 12 total, same as the twelve days of Christmas. Coincidence? Probably. We’re eyeing the “Let’s Dance” cocktail in the tequila kit, pictured above, which features Cazadores Reposda tequila, St. Germain, charred pineapple and galangal, lime, grapefruit and hops bitters, and a cinnamon paprika sugar rim.  $99, full menu at chickadeeroom.com.

4. Granville Island Delivery Co.’s Charcuterie, Cheese and Wine Celebration Box

Granville Island Delivery wraps up the best of the island, no seagulls or questionable improv politics included. This box has a full wheel of brie from Benton Brothers, Oyama dry cured salami, almond butter crunch from Fraser Valley Gourmet, and of course, a bottle of wine. Pretty ideal for a little zoom wine night, as we’ve learned that full-on zoom dinners are mostly just up-close films of grandparents eating. $130, full menu at granvilleislanddelivery.co.

5. Saul Good Gift Co.’s Key To Vancouver Box

This one’s a splurge, but the guilt is real this year. Plus, it’s so packed with goodies the recipient just might be snacking until the vaccine comes out in vape form. There’s over 20 savoury and sweet goods in here, plus a “storytelling card,” which gives you an inside look at the story behind each snack. Wrapped up in this gift box is lemon infused raw honey from Mellifera Bees, dark chocolate bark from Thomas Haas, white peony tea from Anteeo Tea, salted caramel popcorn from Tasteful Snacks, and lots more. $325, full menu at itsaulgood.com.