6 New Vintage Clothing Stores to Visit in Vancouver

Vintage, consignment and thrift stores are popping up all over the city: here are some fresh spots for one-of-a-kind clothing.

Shopping secondhand is not for the weak. Anyone who has experienced “browser’s shoulder” will tell you that rooting through tightly packed racks of clothing of questionable origin should be an Olympic-level sport. There are other vintage aficionados to stare down and overpriced fast fashion to identify.

But it’s all worth it when you find that one perfect article of clothing, and Vancouverites are more than willing to embrace the treasure hunt. As a result, vintage clothing stores are opening all over the city.

Why Are So Many Vintage Clothing Stores Popping Up in Vancouver?

Thrift stores have always been part the shopping scene, of course. Giants like Value Village and the Salvation Army have been around forever: the former has been kicking it since the ’50s and the Salvation Army started in the 1800s (which, depending on who you ask, is the era their views on LGBTQ+ folks remain in). But it seems like the market for smaller, indie vintage stores and consignment shops has grown exponentially in the last few years. Why do we suddenly want new old clothes?

Environmental Impact

Buying used clothing is more sustainable than buying new, and the rise of fast-fashion supervillains like Shien has resulted in many eco-conscious folks making a beeline for more ethical ways to shop. Buying second- (or third-) hand clothing is one switch that many of us are making to quell the little voice inside our heads gently screaming “one day we’re all going to die in a fiery hell of our own design.”

Economic Downturn

Most of the time, buying secondhand is more affordable than buying new (I say “most of the time” because I once saw a ratty Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil t-shirt priced at $60 at one of the stores below—I’ll let you guess which one). As cost of living continues to rise in the city, consumers are looking for ways to cut down on shopping, and perusing the racks of used clothing stores can be easier on the wallet than a trip to the mall.

Not Like Other Shoppers

Now comes my favourite reason: the desperate human need to be unique and special. If you’re shopping in vintage stores, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever be caught wearing the same thing as someone else at your next sunny day park hang. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same Lululemon/Patagonia/Birkenstock combo as everyone else, but if you’re the type of person that likes feeling like a distinct individual, secondhand is the way to go.

6 Vintage Stores That Recently Opened in Vancouver

Photo: The Only

For the Overall-Obsessed: The Only

The West End location of The Only opened in late 2023, and the colour-coded vintage haven has already become a staple of the neighbourhood. The store’s regular spotlight on fashionable customers shows how Vancouverites are embracing the company’s secondhand style. The Only offers many of the classic streetwear, so-ugly-they’re-cute Hawaiian shirts and vintage footwear found at other stores on this list, but it’s also a go-to for overalls and coveralls—this is the spot to visit for utilitarian-chic looks (whether you’re actually planning on getting any carpentry done or not).

Address: 1283 Davie St.
Website: theonlyvintage.com

Photo: Cherry Pick Vintage

For the Streetwear Style Icon: Cherry Pick Vintage

Cherry Pick also came on the scene in late 2023, finding a home in the former Pulpfiction Kits location (RIP). Streetwear is Cherry Pick’s specialty: find loose-fitting denim, graphic tees, cozy sweatshirts and letterman jackets here. The brand also recently opened a location in Victoria—check it out on your next Island weekend getaway.

Address: 2754 W Broadway
Website: shopcherry.ca

Photo: Alyssa Hirose

For the Grandmillenial: Lili and Vince

“Grandmillenial” is a term generally used in interior design (folks in their 30s embracing the furniture and home decor of older generations), but the trend has found its way into the fashion world, too. It’s a little cottagecore, a little kitschy and full of texture—and if that’s your jam, get to Lili and Vince, STAT. Bold patterns, floor-length dresses and knit and crocheted goods make up the bulk of this store (and there are plenty of cool ceramics, too).

Address: 3175 W Broadway

Photo: Revival

For the Fashionable Vacationer: Revival

Revival embraces a flowy, coastal vibe: think bright vacation-ready dresses, big floral prints and comfy classics designed for taking in the sun. The Main Street store opened earlier this year, and partners with other local businesses (like Bad Academy and A Simple Homebody) to foster a sense of community.

Address: 2408 Main St.
Website: mainrevival.com

Photo: Secret Attic Vintage

For the Cheeky Sports Superfan: Secret Attic Vintage

A quick scroll through the Instagram of North Van’s Secret Attic Vintage should spark interest for lovers of hockey, basketball, and NASCAR (I also just realized that the cool T-shirt image I chose for this has a car splashed with the Viagra logo, so there’s something for hardcore fans of erectile dysfunction medication, too). The store opened in early 2023 and is a go-to for thrifters who love to wear their team on their sleeve.

Address: 119 Lolo Ln., North Vancouver
Website: @secretatticvtg

Photo: Hunter and Hare

For the Chic Minimalist: Hunter and Hare

Technically, the new Main Street location of Hunter and Hare isn’t open yet (check back in July)—but in the meantime, you can check out their other stores on Union Street and in North Van. Earthy neutrals and delicate prints make up the majority of clothing here: it’s a great place to go for versatile pieces that are guaranteed to pair with the wardrobe staples you already have.

Address: 227 Union St., 225 Lonsdale Ave. (North Vancouver), 4366 Main St. (opening soon)
Website: hunterandhare.com