Black Friday: Do’s and Dont’s



Do research ahead of time so you have an idea of the items you want to avoid being overwhelmed.

Do hydrate. Dozens of people cramped into a small space gets those room temperatures rising.

Do wear loose-fitting clothes that can be easily changed in and out of and know your sizes to cut down on fitting room time.

Do go for that item you’ve had your eye on. It’s a sale! If not now, when?

Do be aware of your surroundings. That large bag you brought thinking it would be handy to stow your purchases in may not be as appreciated by the person you just smacked in the face with it.

Do be aware of store policies. Most sales items will be non-returnable.

Do have a budget in mind. It’s easy to get carried away with deals. You don’t want have to wait in line for ages only to get up to cash and have your card decline.

Do have fun! Snag some awesome stuff at great prices.


Don’t take up a whole table with your selections while you slowly decide which items to purchase.

Don’t bring your whole posse and take up half the store. Take people who actually want to ruthlessly shop; assemble a lean, mean shopping team.

Don’t take a stroll. No need to run but be aware of the pace you’re browsing at, as there are probably 10 people behind trying to pass you.

Don’t be a sore loser. If someone got to that last cashmere sweater first, concede defeat.

Don’t hesitate. If you see something you love, grab it! Chances are low that there will not be more in the back. Discount shopping’s a cutthroat world.

Don’t be easily swayed by the great deal. Is it truly a good buy for you or just an awesome price?



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