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Enjoy Stress-free Used Car Shopping Online

Enjoy a comfortable car-buying experience with Carooga

Enjoy a comfortable car-buying experience with Carooga

A used-car salesman. We all know the stereotype. A throwback to plaid jackets, white shoes and sketchy sales tactics is still top-of-mind, where their dealershipsjustly or nothad bad reputations, too.

Today, the wardrobe has changed, sure, but some car buyers are still wary of pushy sales methods and questionable dealership practices. There are many reasons people are often afraid or simply tired of visiting dealerships to make a vehicle purchase. For example, did you know that, on average, men get lower prices on car purchases in person, with salespeople offering $200 higher list prices to women?

Carooga has changed car buying for the better! Here’s how…

Online and hassle-free

Established in early summer 2021, Carooga is the first of its kind in Canada, a fully online car dealership. They handle everything from buying, selling, accepting trade-ins and financing automotive loans, to uploading documents and final checkout, all through their 100 percent online platform.

“Carooga was founded by experts in the auto industry who believed the system was due for an overhaul,” says Jillian Loeppky, Carooga Brand Officer. “They wanted to offer an option for consumers to have a comfortable used car buying experience.”

“The founders noticed there were various sites offering online car ‘selling’ but no one who could actually facilitate the whole transaction online,” adds Loeppky.

A major benefit behind their online buying option is it eliminates a lot of tension for consumers by providing everything you need to make a smart educated decision. It’s easy to shop at your own pace without feeling pressure or harassment. You receive your trade value and rates all online, too, making it simple to share with your trusted friends and family to review.

The expectation is that car buying has to be difficult. However, Loeppky dispels that myth. “Carooga makes the process simplified and dare we say, relaxing? The site allows you to move through every step of the process in a way that feels comfortable to you on your personal timeline.”

Avoid uncomfortable, intimidating situations

Carooga eliminates the negative aspects of traditional car-buying, turning it into an enjoyable online shopping experience. 

Many people feel nervous or intimidated visiting a dealership in person, and it’s warranted. Women, for example, often experience less than preferential treatment, to the point only 38 percent feel confident when buying a car. However, women influence 85 percent of automotive-buying decisions.

Overall, a Beepi Consumer Automotive Index survey reports that 52 percent of car shoppers feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships, with 56 percent of millennials expressing their dislike, saying they would rather do housework than negotiate with a car dealer.

Quick, convenient process

carooga-2Carooga | carooga.comIn a nutshell, the process to buy a car online can be mastered in a few easy steps, all from your couch. Simply search vehicles, get pre-qualified for financing, put your favourites in a virtual garage, add trade-in details, select one to purchase and complete the checkout process, receive the purchase confirmation, await vehicle delivery and voila! Test-drive your ride risk-free for seven days.

“Carooga is the only online car buying website that currently offers fully online financing,” says Loeppky. “You can get pre-qualified on the site in just minutes, with zero impact to your credit score. And, from there, shop all inventory with your personalized rate.”

If you don’t see the make or model you want? No problem.

“New additions are added to our inventory every day,” reveals Loeppky. “But we don’t expect you to check in, so that’s why we have a simple ‘get notified’ option. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll go out and buy it or simply let you know when the next one arrives at our distribution hub.”

Risk-free purchase

carooga-3Carooga | carooga.comEvery vehicle receives a Carooga Condition Guarantee, a thorough 206-point inspection. Although most of their inventory still carries the manufacturer warranty, Carooga provides a free 90-day/3,000-kilometre warranty, with an option for an extended warranty.

Carooga removes the fear of regret. If you buy something you aren’t comfortable with or change your mind, you have seven days to return it for a full refund. “We even come and pick it up,” says Loeppky.   

A team of customer guides are available to support you through the process and answer any questions you may have. They’ll even help you compare those other dealerships you might be shopping at the same time because they’re all about transparency. 

Loeppky points out, “While you can search for a car on any website, our customers have become evangelists that our technology and the buying experience is the best they have ever had. You have to try it.”

For more information, visit, get pre-qualified and shop vehicles online today.