James Bond’s Guide to Fashion in Vancouver

With the release of Spectre on Friday we visit the city's best spots to look (and drink) like 007.

With the release of Spectre on Friday we visit the city’s best spots to look (and drink) like 007.

1. Omega Seamaster James Bond has kicked around a few watches over the years—he wore a Rolex for most of the early Connery pics—but for the last few, he’s been solidly an Omega man (pronouncing it oh-MEE-gah in Casino Royale, seriously confusing everyone). For Spectre, Omega is releasing this ultra-badass take on their classic Seamaster with a full Nato strap and a retro dial. Available at the Omega store in the Hotel Vancouver (900 W. Georgia St., 604-681-8266, omegawatches.com). And only $8,050.imgres-22. Tom Ford Suit In the books Bond was strictly a Savile Row-bespoke sort but in the last few films Daniel Craig has made a strong case for the $4400+ off-the-rack suit as created by the master of luxury, Tom Ford. Harry Rosen’s newly redesigned Pacific Centre store has a Tom Ford store within a store (700 W. Georgia St., 604-683-6861, Harryrosen.com) and they will be very happy to drape you in one of these bad boys. They start from $4395, but we’re confident they won’t charge you for alterations.imgres-13. Floris No.89 There is, we regret to inform you, already an “official” James Bond 007 cologne, but we’re pretty sure that even old lothario Roger Moore wouldn’t touch this stuff with an overly bronzed pinky. Bond favours something more classic—Floris No. 89 from the legendary London perfumer. Two pluses: it’s unisex and, all things considered, reasonably priced—$159 for 100ml at South Granville’s Atkinson’s (1501 W. 6th, 604-736-3378, Atkinsonsofvancouver.com).imgres4. Billy Reid Peacoat Southern gentleman Billy Reid’s clothes weren’t available in Vancouver until Nordstrom (799 Robson St., 604-699-2100, Nordstrom.ca) rolled into town and now this wool-blend peacoat—as worn by Bond in Skyfall—is your perfect mack at $955._98257155. Aston Martin DB10 This beauty makes it’s debut in Spectre but the sad news is for now it’s only for the movie—no sales to the public. But if you have a spare $141,930 burning a hole in your pocket, Aston Martin Vancouver (1770 Burrard St., 604-734-2905, astonmartinvancouver.ca) will be happy to introduce you to the 2016 Vantage GT coupe, their most reasonably priced model. DB10_2 6. Bollinger RD Champagne In the next few weeks the legendary Champagne house will be releasing the Bollinger Spectre Special Edition, but if you need something to toast on opening night there’s a more-than-capable stand-in with the exquisite Bollinger RD (James drank the 2002 in Skyfall; the 1997 in Casino Royale). The 2002 is available for $382.50 at Marquis Wine Cellars (1034 Davie St. 604-684-0445, Marquis-wines.com).2014-03-04-15-57-57