5 Must-Visit Shops in Hastings-Sunrise

It may be a trek from the downtown core, but Hastings-Sunrise's unique retail offerings are worth exploring.

It may be a trek from the downtown core, but Hastings-Sunrise’s unique retail offerings are worth exploring.

1. Filmgo Sales

Filmgo Sales doesn’t look like the usual vintage home shop, and it isn’t: charged with selling unused set items from the local film industry, this is your new secret source for perfectly restored mid-century furniture, unique vintage prints and crazy one-of-a-kind accents. 2741 Skeena Street

2. Tiny Finery

Handmade-jewellery shop Tiny Finery has a delightfully strange aesthetic: silver signet rings with 3D stage heads on them, glint hoop earrings in hair-thin wire and abstract pendants that subtly evoke a coastal forest. 2629 E. Hastings Street

3. Stillwell Designs

Duncan Stillwell is a wood furniture craftsman whose pieces have a timeless, heirloom quality thanks to his traditional joinery techniques, with hand-cut dovetails and hand-planed surfaces. 1907 Triumph Streethttps://www.instagram.com/p/nV7xslHSni/?taken-by=gourmetwarehouse

4. The Gourmet Warehouse

This is essentially Disneyland for foodies. Find everything you need to equip your kitchen from pastry blenders to tagines, and pore over the gourmet food section to source those hard-to-find ingredients like wild, dried chanterelle mushrooms and cherries jubilee. 1340 East Hastings Street

5. Dayton Boots

These boots are most certainly made for walking: every piece of handcrafted leather footwear is made to last using traditional cobbling methods—hand-cut leather, steel shanks for lasting arch support, double or triple stitched, and leather insoles and outsoles that make it easy to resole. 2250 East Hastings Street

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