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Royal Treasure

Palladio reflects love and light in the Princess Diana sapphire ring

Credit: Palladio Jewellers

Palladio reflects love and light in the Princess Diana ring.

Much like Princess Diana, its namesake inspiration, the Royal Treasure is a shining light, unparalleled in the world. This sapphire a diamond ring—perfect as an engagement ring, for a special occasion or just because—reflects the light with every move and is truly a people’s treasure.

Palladio’s team of designers and master goldsmiths spent over a year creating this stunning, one-of-a-kind piece. The natural beauty of the sapphire reflects the depth of true love and is brilliantly encased in a glittering halo of perfectly matched diamonds. Each diamond is accompanied by its own GIA certificate, detailing the carat weight, measurements, cut, colour and clarity.

This unique piece is a natural progression in Palladio’s five-decade legacy of creating distinctive, captivating pieces of jewellery using the purest metals, precious gems and the finest cut diamonds.

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