Shop Louis Vuitton’s Outrageously Luxe Wares from a Penthouse Pop-Up Shop

Custom-painted trunks, billiards carrying cases and more over-the-top LV goods you didn't know you wanted.

I haven’t ever been invited into the Private Residences at the Hotel Georgia (pretty rude, Blake Lively) but I can make some educated assumptions about the kind of people who live at this chi-chi address, judging by the number of lobby security guards alone. It’s a tower of wealth, home to deeply privileged residents and luxe landing pad for international jet-setters.

But this week, they all basically look like lowly commoners compared to their new neighbour, because Louis Vuitton has set up shop for the week on the top floor and decked out its penthouse with millions of dollars of product.

It’s one of the brand’s Savoie-Faire “experiences,” which bring a wide selection of clothing, luggage and homewares into real life settings (if you can call a 8,000-sqaure-foot penthouse a “real life setting”) all over the world. 

Take the elevator up to the 48th floor, and you’ll get a sneak peek at some Louis Vuitton’s newest and most coveted pieces, as well as plenty of whimsical items that, one might argue, fall under the “does this need to exist” category (leather pinwheels and billiards carrying case, I’m looking at you). 

It’s an intimate opportunity to see limited edition collectionsandutilize the on-site hand-painting service. Though Louis Vuitton homewares are available through special order from the downtown store, the Savoir-Faire pop-up is the first chance in Vancouver to see the pieces IRL—honestly an experience in and of itself, even if you’re not personally in the market for a $20,000 hanging egg chair.

Exclusive to this Vancouver event is the stargazing kit, a massive leather trunk filled with fold-out leather stools, blankets, cushions and a telescope—a little something special for the outdoorsy billionaire who has everything.

Savoie-Faire is here October 18 through 24 at the Private Residences at the Hotel Georgia (667 Howe Street). Email with your name and preferred date and time to book your viewing.