Summer Denim Series: Fidelity Denim

A chat with the entrepreneur about living in L.A., rock 'n' roll, and (of course) jeans.

A chat with the entrepreneur about living in L.A., rock ‘n’ roll, and (of course) jeans.

Vancouver native and Fidelity Denim founder/creative director Jason Trotzuk relocated last year to Los Angeles, but he’s still a Vancouverite at heart. On a recent visit home, we spoke with him about the Fidelity line and what’s coming up this fall.How would you describe Fidelity Denim?Trotzuk: Pure, honest, and modern. We have integrity. I’ve always wanted to go for the long term, not the short term. Always be consistent, but always be fresh.What makes Fidelity different from other denim?I haven’t gone with crazy embellishments for a reason. Jeans with an iconic, classic feel stay in your closet for a long time and get worn out because you wear it so much. Trend is your friend, but there are certain things that you want and love to remain the same.How has your personal style shaped the line?Rock ‘n’ roll is where I get most of my style—I live it. I have a massive guitar collection and I collect rock ‘n’ roll photography. I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of my guitar heroes. Those influences have definitely kept denim true and iconic.Fidelity started in Vancouver, but you’re now based in L.A. Why did you move?Cali is the best place to make jeans. It’s the one place where you have movies, media, TV, celebrity, and music all in one place. We have a head office in Vancouver and reps in Toronto, but L.A. is our base. We’re making 20,000 pieces a month there.What can we expect from Fidelity for the fall?Anti-fits. Don’t get me wrong: skinnies are great, but you can get them anywhere. Anti-fits are a nice change because it gives you a bit more of an edge. We’ve seen celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Sarah Jessica Parker wearing our anti-fit. Dropped crotch, knit denim, old vintage pencil denim will be big—we’re really changing it up. I’m achieving exceptional aesthetics. Some of the fabrics I’m bringing in are costing me a fortune, but you’re going to put it on and you’re going to love it and feel fabulous.Will there be a Fidelity pop-up shop at Nordstrom when it opens in September?Fidelity is one of Nordstrom’s showcase brands, so we’re doing a huge launch when they open in Vancouver. I’ve always wanted to do a big launch in Vancouver, where I’m from, so I’m really excited.Fidelity Denim is available locally at Boys’Co (