The $26.25 Father’s Day Present for the Dad Who Has Everything

There's no substitute for sanitation.

People are always talking about the “gift for someone who has everything,” but the reality is that people who have everything generally buy themselves whatever they want. You know why they’ve never gone hot air ballooning before? Because they don’t want to. Same with painting plates. Etc., etc., etc.

But what if there was something that every homeowner (fathers included) would appreciate but that had never, ever crossed their mind. I’m talking, of course, about having your garbage and recycling bins cleaned and sanitized. I came upon this revelation the normal way—I put some French cheese in my green bin and then went on vacation. The hazardous waste zone I came back to made Chernobyl… still look really bad, but I bet my place smelled worse. I was all set to hose them down after the next collection but they were so rank I didn’t even want the waste water to go anywhere near me.

Enter Bin Busters. To be honest, when someone suggested I get my bins professionally cleaned I thought that was something only the guy in Monopoly who wears the monocle would do. I assumed it was $100 a bin. But that smell.

$26.25. That’s the price. I’ve had two coffees and two pastries that were more than that.  I booked them and rolled my carts out and when I came to pick them up you could eat off of them (I didn’t, but I could have). It was truly something I had never thought of and was thrilled when it came into my life—and I’m sure your Dad would be too.  And while I used Bin Busters, there’s a few places that offer this service—Happy Bin and Budget Bins for instance—and they all offer a monthly service as well. That seems indulgent…unless the person in question really has everything.