The Ultimate Vancouver Neighbourhood Gift Guide: Main Street

The best gifts, giftable experiences and places to eat while you shop Main Street in 2021.

Main Street—it’s your best bet for eclectic stocking stuffers, all-natural skincare and the coolest local art. Don’t forget your walking shoes and eco-friendly reusable tote bag.

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The Best Holiday Gifts on Main Street

Pond Life by Hiller Goodspeed

Lucky’s Comics, 3972 Main St.
A hardcover collection of 146 charmingly lo-fi doodles (on pressing topics like cardboard boxes, haircuts and “understanding”) from Vancouver illustrator Hiller Goodspeed ($39).

Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Front and Company, 3772 Main St.
It’s the sort of thing that’s very useful, but also very boring to spend your own money on. Be a hero and toss this kit ($28) in your sneaker-savvy buddy’s stocking.

Craft Beer Growler

Brassneck Brewery, 2148 Main St.
In a busy block of breweries, Brassneck manages to stand out with not just a rotating selection of beers on tap, but also a few new designs on its growler bottles, often featuring illos from local artists (bottles from $3, beer prices vary).

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Nineteen Ten, 4366 Main St.
Crafted from matte ceramic, the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser ($119) from cult fave Vitruvi is both an olfactory and visual pleasure—especially in this warm honey hue.

G Ceramic and Co. Bowl

Coco et Olive, 3707 Main St.
When the Main Street café repurposed its seating area into a homewares market during COVID, it stacked the shelves with pieces (prices vary) from Vancouver potter G Ceramic and Co. Stock up while you can.

International Chips

Snack Land, 3011 Main St.
Shop the finest junk food from around the globe. Maybe we can’t travel much right now, but tom yum soup-flavoured Lays and Dublin’s own Tayto crisps can transport us in their own special way. 778-379-9667

East 29th Vital Serum

Fig, 3570 Main St.
Concocted by a Vancouver makeup artist, the all-natural serum ($88) does it all: hydrates, smoothes wrinkles and, uh, elast-ifies.

Slouchy Cardigans

Woo to See You, 3671 Main St.
A medley of cute button-up sweaters lines the racks at Woo—maybe you’ll get lucky and stumble across this knitted mushroom number ($205).

Kinto Kakomi Rice Cooker

Vancouver Special, 3612 Main St.
The heat-resistant ceramic pot ($110) goes from stovetop to table in style, while the cleverly engineered system of lids puffs every grain to perfection.  

Catalina Pitcher

Much and Little, 2543 Main St.
The enamel splatterware pitcher ($83) is well suited for a sunny, lemonade-fuelled afternoon on the patio, but trust us: it works just as well for egg nog.

Omakase Gift Box

Cultivate Tea, 2280 Main St.

A little something to sip and savour: a curated collection of rare teas ($50) selected by Cultivate Tea’s brewing pros.

Crew Bottle

Soap Dispensary, 3718 Main St.

It’s none of your business what they decide to pop into the tall Crew Bottle Co. glass bottle ($45), but it is your business to choose the punchiest colour for the silicon base.

Ellepi Klizia 97 Stapler

Eugene Choo, 3683 Main St.

Okay, we live in a paperless-office world… but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve an iconic piece of po-mo Italian design to brighten up their remote-work desk. Get them a stapler ($32). Preferably, the red one.

Frasier Fir Candle

Welks, 3511 Main St.

The candle (from $11) is a best-seller for a reason. Give the smell of Christmas (or, more accurately, fir, sandalwood and cedar) to everyone on your list.

Elizabeth Lyn Gold Waxing Luna Studs

Migration Boutique, 3620 Main St.

Earrings just look more beautiful when they’re handmade by a local artisan. Everyone knows that. ($32)

Dry Arrangement in Twisted Arch Vase

Cream Mint Florist, 2541 Main St.

A bouquet that lasts and lasts and lasts ($95)—and a hip arched vase that lasts even longer.

Knife Sharpening Class

Knifewear, 4215 Main St. 
Regularly scheduled courses ($100) cover the knife sharpening basics, and the shop offers special sessions just for women and non-binary people. 

Vintage Treasure Hunt

Mintage Mall, 245 E Broadway
A voucher to explore the curated racks of Mintage shows that you know the real gift is the thrill of the hunt.

Where to Eat While You Shop on Main Street

The Arbor, 3941 Main St.
May as well stay on Main for dinner, right? Plant-based comfort food from the Acorn’s sister resto fits the bill on a cold winter’s night.

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