This Is Not a Drill: Vessi’s Opening a Store in Metrotown Next Month

Raincouver's getting its first waterproof sneaker store.

It’s time to cry tears of joy (and for those tears to bead nicely off your new waterproof shoes). Local rainproof footwear brand Vessi is officially opening their very first brick-and-mortar store this fall.

The new retail space will open in the upper level of Metrotown mall this November, in the former digs of the Call It Spring store. It’s a big move for the Vancouver company, because let’s face it: buying shoes online is the worst. These rainproof sneakers were made for walkin’, and we want to actually do that before shelling out the cash.

Along with the opportunity to try on shoes, the Vessi store will also offer styles that aren’t available online (exclusive limited-edition runners, anyone?) and “interactive water features” so non-believers can try the technology for themselves.

If you ask me, they’re thinking small. Vessi should take a page out of West Edmonton Mall’s book and build an entire waterpark inside Metrotown. Really show off what those waterproof suckers can do.