This Vancouver-Based Jewellery Startup is Fighting Our Global Plastic Waste Crisis

Sea Clean is cleaning up marine habitats with their plastic-free and sustainable handcrafted necklaces.

Plastic pollutions have significantly impacted marine species’ natural habitats around the globe. Thousands of sea turtles, birds and whales have been killed or injured by ingesting or getting entangled in plastic materials.

Over the past year, zero-waste company Sea Clean has been raising awareness of this global plastic crisis. “By 2050 it is predicted that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish and that the plastic industry will be responsible for 20% of the world’s total oil consumption,” said President of Sea Clean, Chris Collier. “We are amidst a worldwide plastic waste crisis and there is an immediate need to clean our oceans.”

Sea Clean is removing plastics from oceans through the sales of their custom-made necklaces. The Vancouver-based company uses its product capital to fund the cleaning of high-impact areas. Until December 31st, around two to 14 pounds of ocean and shoreline trash will be cleaned for every necklace purchased from Sea Clean.

Sea Clean’s signature item is thier Peanut pedant, which was inspired by a real turtle who developed a disfigured shape after being entangled in plastics. The Sterling Silver Peanut Bracelets sell for $35, and remove two pounds of ocean trash per item purchased, and  the Peanut Gold or Rose Gold Necklaces ($300) remove 14 pounds each. Sea Clean jewellery is sold online at