Wedding Inspo: 3 Top Flower Trends for 2017

Flower Factory's Gloria Henry gives us the scoop on the season's most popular floral decor.

Flower Factory’s Gloria Henry gives us the scoop on the season’s most popular floral decor.

Scroll through Pinterest for five minutes and you’ll see endless wedding flower creations. Where do you even begin? To help make things easier, we asked Gloria Henry, co-owner and creative director of Flower Factory, to share her thoughts on three of the most popular floral trends we’re seeing this year—and some tips on how to get the look.

1. Arches

Henry has seen flower arches come and go over her 30 years in the business. However, the latest reincarnation of this trend is definitely “not your parents white lattice arch.” Arches are now being made with two- and four-poster frames, with materials like natural wood, pipe and drapes. The flowers arrangements used can be asymmetric, robust and flowing, or the arch can be covered with a green garland and pops of fresh flowers.Pro tip: Garlands used on arches during the ceremony, can be reused on an arch at the reception; the floral pieces can also be removed and used to make a design on the head table.

2. Floral Walls

Though floral walls have been popular for a few years now, Henry says this trend is not for the budget-conscious (covering an entire wall with fresh blooms can cost thousands of dollars). The newest version of the floral wall is more affordable, featuring a relaxed and deconstructed look with lots of greenery rather than flowers. They’re great for couples who want a more natural look—and they’ll free up some money for other wedding florals, too.Pro tip: The combination of fresh greens and flowers is not only on trend, but makes for a great photo background for your guests.

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3. Flower Suspensions

Couples love hanging flowers, says Henry, and there are many ways to get the look. One of the easiest options is to hang garlands from the ceiling, but more elaborate variations of this trend include floral chandelier, flower swings, suspended arrangements that hang above tabletops or other key places in the venue.Pro tip: Know your venue before deciding what kind of arrangements work best.

Bonus: How to Choose the Right Flowers

Before meeting your florist for the first time, Henry recommends deciding on what colours you want for your wedding. “Colour is very personal,” she says. “I can give advice, but can’t decide for you.” For inspiration, try looking on Instagram and Pinterest, but don’t be set on making something identical (“We take inspiration, we don’t copy”). Once you have your colours chosen, keep costs down by speaking with your florist about which blooms are in season.

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