Planning your destination proposal at home

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A destination proposal will make the proposal one that you and your partner will remember forever. 

A destination proposal will not only make the proposal one that you and your partner will remember forever, but it will also make the moment you pop the question that much more special.

Whether you’re envisioning a sun setting on a lush beach or on the peak of a mountain, you’ll have to attend to the finer details before you can make your dream a reality. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most important steps to take when planning your destination proposal at home.

Credit: Clean Origin

E-commerce and online storefront platforms bring a plethora of gorgeous engagement ring options ready for purchase from the comfort of your living room.

Buy Your Engagement Ring Online
Luckily, with e-commerce and online storefront platforms becoming increasingly available, you’ll have a plethora of gorgeous engagement ring options ready for purchase. More importantly, you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your living room.

That said, it’s imperative that you do your homework and ensure that you’re working with a certified gem retailer. Here are some signs that you’re working with a great engagement ring vendor:

● Great Reviews
● Proven History of Customer Satisfaction
● Resizing Services
● Free Shipping
● Fair and Reasonable Return Policies
● Each Piece Comes with a Certification (this is mainly for rings with diamonds)

Take your time with this step. One of the benefits of shopping online is being able to compare prices across brands and comparison shop at your leisure. Consider having a few favorites picked out and running them by trusted friends or family members for extra input.

Decide Where You Want to Go
Now’s your opportunity to become an armchair traveller. The world is your oyster! First, consider what type of backdrop you would like to have when you pop the question.

Do you imagine asking your partner to marry you on the beach, sand between your toes, waves in the background? Atop a mountain peak with the wind whistling in your ears? A romantic hideaway in the midst of a bustling metropolitan area where you can stroll around and get a champagne aperitif after the main event?

Leave no potential destination unexplored: this is your chance to choose a unique setting for a story you’ll be telling your family, your friends, and your children for years to come.

Plan When to Book Your Flight
If you’re planning the proposal far enough in advance, you might be able to plan your ticket purchase to take advantage of seasonal or cyclical airline ticket sales. Typically, the best window for purchasing airline tickets is six weeks prior to your trip, on a Monday or Tuesday.

If possible, input that range of dates on your calendar and search for airline tickets then to secure your best price. See if you can take advantage of credit card miles, airline promotions, or travel packages offered by resorts in their down seasons.

Planning a unique, less-traveled destination proposal may pay off both in story value and in a more budget-friendly vacation. The more you save here, the more you may be able to put towards your wedding itself.

*It’s important to note that with COVID-19 and the current uncertainty in travel, you might want to hold off on purchasing tickets until more information about travelling becomes available. On the other hand, if you purchase far enough in advance (likely a year out), you may benefit from reduced airline prices.

Discuss Your Options with a Digital Travel Agent
In the case of a destination proposal, it may be best to consult with a digital travel agent. The last thing you’d want on such a momentous occasion is for something to go awry or for you to forget a deadline or reservation.

Working with travel agents can save you money, and they may be able to get you deals on extra add-ons (such as travel insurance), which can give you peace of mind.

Think about it this way—it’s a digital travel agent’s job to ensure that your destination proposal vacation goes perfectly. With so much else on your mind, why not leave the travel details to the pros?

Key Takeaways
Planning a destination proposal can be challenging in the best of times. However, planning one from home with nothing but Wi-Fi and a cellphone can be simple, so long as you go in with a game plan. Be sure to plan all the essential details ahead of time. That way, the only thing you will have forgotten is how difficult you thought the whole thing would be. Good luck!