Where to Say Yes to the Dress in the Okanagan

Kelowna isn't just a beautiful place to get married—it's also the perfect spot to find your dream dress.

Kelowna isn’t just a beautiful place to get married—it’s also the perfect spot to find your dream dress.

(Photo: Bliss Bridal)

Bliss Bridal

Who: Bliss Bridal opened in 2005, but sisters Cristina and Maria Graziano acquired it in 2011. Their mom, Serafina, is the seamstress.

The space: Bliss’s original storefront was situated in downtown Kelowna, but the Grazianos relocated to a larger space, where they could offer a more luxe vibe, in the Pandosy ‘hood in 2016. (“It’s the high-end, luxury feel of bridal without the high-end luxury price point!” explains Cristina.) The shop has lots of natural light and a beautiful aesthetic, and includes an upper mezzanine that displays grad gowns.

What you can expect: Private areas with three-mirrored podiums, separate fitting rooms and plenty of seating for your entourage—everything to help you find the perfect dress.

The dresses: Bliss carries an impressive 12 lines of wedding gowns. They range from $400 to $4,000, with the average price being $1,200 to $1,800.

Cristina’s favourite dress right now: The Rachel by Calla Blanche, though her faves “change at least once a week as pieces arrive,” she says with a laugh.

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(Photo: Candé Bridal Boutique)

Candé Bridal Boutique

Who: Owner Adriana Garcia operates two bridal boutiques in Alberta, so she’s no stranger to the wedding world. She moved to Kelowna three years ago and couldn’t resist opening another store.

The space: Candé (pronounced like “can-day” after Garcia’s grandma, Candella) is situated on the second floor of a multi-story building near downtown Kelowna. Filled with natural light, the store has an industrial-chic vibe with an unfinished ceiling and concrete floors, but still manages to feel pretty and comfy.

What you can expect: There are two fitting rooms and they’re both large enough to fit big groups. Candé hosts only one appointment at a time, creating a low-pressure environment. “We’re not pushy,” says Garcia, “and we want to get to know the bride and we want them to enjoy the experience.”

The dresses: Candé carries pieces from smaller-scale, indie designer, including Vancouver-founded fave Truvelle. They range from $1,400 to $4,000.

Adriana’s favourite dress right now: Anything by Cizzy Bridal. “I love so many of their dresses because they’re all so different and flatter different body types really well,” she says.

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(Photo: Lillian Wild)

Lillian Wild Bridal

Who: Lisa Kulcheski opened Lillian Wild four years ago, and runs it with her mom, Kate. But Kulcheski isn’t just the owner—she also designs her own line of wedding dresses, which is sold at the shop.

The space: The décor is bright and welcoming, and there’s a comfy couch that your bridal crew can chill out on. Plus, there’s a Dairy Queen nearby, so you can grab ice cream with your entourage after your appointment!

What you can expect: Lillian Wild books only one appointment at a time. Plus, the store doesn’t have set hours and is ready to accommodate your busy schedule. “We have coffee, tea, and treats,” says Kulcheski. “Plus, bubbly if you say yes to the dress.”

Dress prices: The boutique carries four bridal lines, including Lisa’s (also called Lillian Wild). Dresses range from $1,500 to $2,600.

Lisa’s favourite dress right now: “I love this separate (pictured above) that I recently designed,” she says. “I was inspired by Meghan Markle’s wedding dress—this is kind of my interpretation of it.”