Artist Edward Fu-Chen Juan Lends His Artistic Talents and Chocolate Expertise to Purdy’s

Eating chocolate feels a little less guilty.

It’s not uncommon for corporate entities to pay lip service and spout platitudes when Pride Month rolls around. But some organizations put real action behind those words.

Take Vancouver-based Purdy’s, for instance. The chocolatier has partnered with local Canadian-Taiwanese queer artist Edward Fu-Chen Juan to design a special edition chocolate gift box for the month. The All Together Now Gift Box features both art from Edward as well as 16 pieces of Purdy’s chocolate that he handpicked himself.

And sure, there are both hits and misses in the box, in our eyes anyway.


– The Blond Maple Meltie, which Edward says reminds him of his hometown, Toronto.

– The Peanut Butter Daisy and the Peanut Butter and Jelly—“who doesn’t like peanut butter?” says Edward.

– The Himalyan Pink Salt Caramel.


– Sorry, we just can’t get behind the Raspberry Balsamic.

In any case, $5 from each purchase of the box goes to the Get REAL Movement—a non-profit combating 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination, racism and bullying in school, summer camps and workplaces—with a goal of donating $30,000 through Purple Partnerships, their new philanthropic initiative. The All Together Now Gift Box retails online and in Purdy’s stores for $22.