Chef JC Poirier’s Pop Culture Diet

"In all honesty, I leave the house to go to work at St. Lawrence."

“In all honesty, I leave the house to go to work at St. Lawrence.”

Chef JC Poirier has been busy. His reputation for opening buzzy and award-winning rooms (Ask for Luigi, Pourhouse, Pizzeria Farina) has most recently translated to a gangbuster year with St. Lawrence (dare you to try to find a reservation that’s not a month out)—an intimate Quebec-inspired bistro with a menu of both classic French dishes and JC’s favourite recipes from his childhood. When he’s not cooking (when is he not cooking?) he dives into classic French cookbooks, classic ’80s vinyl, and classic boxing matches. 

What I’m reading…

La Tante Claire by Pierre Koffmann

I am slightly obsessed with anything classic French cuisine, both new and old. I can’t seem to put myself away from La Tante Claire by Pierre Koffmann. It’s a beauty.

What I’m listening to…

Dire Straits

Dire Straits’ self-titled album and Dire Straits Communiqué on vinyl are the two albums that are in constant rotation in our home. There is also a lot of jazz thrown into the mix but I don’t know that I can choose just one.

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What I’m streaming…

Joe Louis, Mechanical Wonder

I’ve been teaching myself a lot about boxing lately. I’m streaming anything about techniques, motivation and training exercises from old-school boxers like Joe Louis, Joe Frazier, Muhammed Ali, too name a few. My favourite is Joe Louis, Mechanical Wonder. 

What I leave the house for…

Savio Volpe

In all honesty, I leave the house to go to work at St.Lawrence, to take my daughters to the park, to go buy a nice bottle of wine at Liberty on my day off, or to take my beautiful wife on a dinner date, usually at Savio Volpe, our favourite restaurant.