This Awesome Vancouver Long-Table Dinner Is in Danger of Being Cancelled

The annual Fresh Roots Schoolyard Harvest Dinner is July 6—get tickets now or miss your chance.

Editor’s note: The 2023 Schoolyard Harvest Dinner has unfortunately been cancelled. But you can still make donations to Fresh Roots—here’s where to do it.

Vancouver nonprofit Fresh Roots announced yesterday that its annual Schoolyard Harvest Dinner (on July 6, 2023) may have to be cancelled—so if you’ve been putting off getting tickets, now is the time to show your support.

Usually, the event is quick to sell out, but this year tickets have been moving a little slower. That sucks for all the people who have been working hard to put the event together, but it sucks more for the organization as a whole: Fresh Roots relies heavily on the proceeds from this dinner to fund its programming, which focuses on educating urban youth on farming, food security and environmentalism. Through these programs, kids and teens learn how to plant, care for and harvest food, and also sell the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour at local farmers’ markets.

At risk of sounding like a grumpy boomer: it’s a super-positive, educational way to get off that damn phone.

Reasons to Get Tickets to the Schoolyard Harvest Dinner

(If you’re already convinced, get tickets here.)

1. It’s hosted by some of Vancouver’s most talented chefs

Fresh Roots always has a great roster of local talent serving up the long-table dinner. This year, the lineup includes chef Robert Clark and chef Julian Bond of Organic Ocean Seafood, chef TJ Conwi of Ono Vancouver, pastry chef Fumiko Moreton of the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre and chef Derrick Sibayan of Holts Café. The menu’s not set yet, but it’s likely going to be as awesome as last year’s.

Photo: Britney Gill Photography

2. It benefits a great cause

As mentioned above, Fresh Roots is a nonprofit that benefits Vancouver’s youth—it’s hard to think of a better way to spend your money. The programs are super robust: take a look through all the camps, classes, events and education they offer here.

Photo: Shane Ward

3. There’s a grazing table, live music and cocktails

The Schoolyard Harvest dinner takes place from 5:30 to 9:30, so it’s not just the classic sit-down long-table experience. Live music, a cocktail hour and a grazing table start off the evening (a rule of life: don’t fill up on bread).

Photo: Andrea Fernandez

4. It’s super Instagrammable

Okay, maybe getting away from technology is one of the great things about this farm-focused nonprofit—but this dinner is also a great opportunity to take some beautiful photos.

Photo: Seth Stevenson

5. It’s for the kids

This one felt important enough to include twice.

6. We have a discount code for 15 percent off

Oh, did we forget to mention that Vanmag readers have access to a discount code for the event? Tickets are $250 plus tax (it’s not cheap, but it is a fundraiser: that’s where the funds come in). The code VANMAG15 will save you almost 40 bucks. You’re welcome.

Fresh Roots’ Annual Schoolyard Harvest Dinner 2023

Thursday July 6
5:30 pm to 9:30pm
David Thompson Secondary School
Find tickets at Eventbrite