11 Snacks To Try At The Richmond Night Market

Summer has never tasted so good. Reviews from VanMag's interns.

Summer has never tasted so good. Reviews from VanMag’s interns.

Vancouver might have the most magnificent architecture, glamorous shopping, and stunning views. But as VanMag interns looking for a fun story to cover, we know there’s only one worthy mission in the city: the highly-anticipated return of night markets. This year, the Richmond Night Market plays host to all kinds of rides and entertainment but more importantly (as every foodie knows) will be home to over 100 food vendors and a variety of delicious treats. We took advantage of this summer trademark and reviewed some of the market’s coolest hotspots. Here are our top 11 go-to recommendations. (Photo Credit: Sam Nar)

1. Strawberry & Mango Shaved Ice with Mochi

When it comes to summer treats, the traditional shaved ice dessert from Mango Yummy is a must. The colourful creation is a blend of mango sweetness with strawberry goodness that seeps into the base of finely crushed ice laced with translucent sugar syrup for an all-around tasty experience. The soft mochi bites work in tandem with the vanilla ice cream to produce a delightful concoction worthy of your eight dollars and 50 cents. (Photo Credit: Sam Nar)

2. Rainbulb

Quench your thirst with Rainbulb’s vibrant concoction of fruit flavours like grapefruit, citrus lime, apple, melon, orange and mango, and strawberry and raspberry. What really makes these carbonated drinks a de-light is actually the incandescent LED at the base that changes between three different modes: fast flashing, slow flashing and strobe flashing. (Photo Credit: Sam Nar)

3. Stinky Tofu

With its unconventional name and pungent odour, it’s not a surprise that people often turn away from G8’s classic Taiwanese dish, but the aromatic fermented dish is steeped in bold flavour (though it’s not for everyone). The pieces feature a hard exterior shell as expected of deep fried foods but the interior texture is more similar to soft brie—all with a salty tang and indescribable aftertaste. (Photo Credit: Tourism Richmond)

4. Rotato

The Rotato is your ticket to crunchier pastures. The deep-fried potato slices are spiralized on handheld sticks and dipped in a variety of flavours like cheddar cheese, seaweed salt, sour cream onion, honey mustard, roast garlic pepper, and exotic curry. (Photo Credit: Sam Nar)

5. Bubble Waffle

This egg-based dessert—a cluster of air-filled spheres—is an amalgamation of delectable treats with architectural genius. Conveniently designed to be an on-the-go snack, the popular Hong Kong-style food pairs a crumbly surface with a soft and hollow centre that releases a waft of subtle sweetness with every bite. (Photo Credit: Sam Nar)

6. Milk Cha Butterfly Pea Milk Tea

Hit me, baby, one more time! This triple-layer Thai classic at Milk Cha combines butterfly pea tea, fresh milk, and a flavour of your choice to create a colourful, delicious, and refreshing drink with light sweetness. Choose to take any of their eight exotic flavours: Thai Style, Papaya, Wintermelon, Oolong Tea, Ginger Milk, Earl Grey, Rose, and Papaya in either a limited edition baby bottle or sharing cup that allows you to try two flavours at once.

(Photo Credit: Sam Nar)

7. Smoking Mocktail

Hey now, hey now, this is what strawberry dreams are made of. If you ask for the prettiest drink at the Richmond Market, the employees at Smoking Mocktail will request your favourite colour to suit fit. For us, it was the Pink Lady, with a light and fruity taste that closely resembles the sweetness of a perfect summer lemonade. Made from Calpis, a popular Asian uncarbonated soft drink, its subtle hints of strawberry and mesmerizing fog-machine-esque visuals had us eager to try for all the other colourful flavours.

(Photo Credit: Laryssa Vachon)

8. Veggie-Yaki

Filled with mushrooms and covered in an array of satisfying flavours, the veggie-yaki from Takoyaki is the vegetarian take on this Japanese wheat-flour snack. Typically packed with diced octopus, tempura scraps and pickled ginger, these super messy bites are not the best idea to consume around any potential love interests on a romantic Richmond Night Market date. But, they are the perfect choice to share with friends and enjoy with fellow interns as you face the inevitable truth that you will probably both spill food on yourself.

(Photo Credit: Selenna Ho)

9. Churro In A Unicorn

This eye-catching sugar overload from Churros in Ice Cream is the ultimate Instagram-worthy find and perfect for sharing. Available in original, oreo or sprinkles, you can get this crunchy churro on its own or in a cup full of your favourite ice cream flavour. For an extra dollar, you can even put it in a unicorn, palm tree or flamingo to add some extra magic to your night. (Photo Credit: Sam Nar)

10. Kimchi Fries

You want fries with that? Fries & Things go above and beyond the fast food staple with popular pho and kimchi flavours, which you can get with or without meat. But when the cook warns you that the spice level of their kimchi fries may be more than the average person can handle, don’t try to be a hero: believe them. Though these fries are generously packed with pleasant flavours and creamy sauces, they also have the unavoidable ability to make you cry out painful tears after setting your mouth on fire and possibly even trying to kill you. They are well worth the fight, but you’ve been warned.

Photo Credit: Laryssa Vachon

11. Coconut Milk Bubble Tea

To help soothe the deadly spice of those kimchi fries, head over to The Bubble Tea Spot for a full recovery. With plenty of tasty options and add-ins, you can make this classic go-to drink your own. It’s the perfect way to end a meal and help all those other treats digest, so you don’t have to feel guilty about all the delicious things you ate.

What’s your favourite Night Market snack? Let us know in the comments!