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5 Ways to use B.C.’s Freshest Ingredients at Your Next Summer BBQ

[Presented by Whole Foods Market] Make your next barbeque the highlight of the season with these B.C.’s best local ingredients.

Make your next barbeque the highlight of the season with these B.C.’s best local ingredients.

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Warm breezes, fresh air and barbeque! Whether you’re an avid griller or just an expert eater, summer is all about eating great food. Don’t settle for frozen patties or bottled ketchup; Make the most of this season’s incredible flavours, by incorporating B.C.’s best local ingredients.

1. Perfectly Grilled Salmon

To enhance your fish with a distinct West Coast flavour, try grilling on wooden planks (cedar or otherwise). This method will cook most fish fillets without turning, in about 20 minutes. Remember to soak the plank in water for at least an hour prior to grilling.

2. Seasonal Sides

Local farms are ripe with a ton of great grilling options, including corn, asparagus, cabbage and peppers. Spice up your basic grilled corn, (which remains in season until late October), with a smoky chipotle spread and queso fresco.

3. Grilled B.C. Peaches

If you’re looking for a light dessert, try grilling a B.C. peach with a drizzle of honey. Serve with vanilla ice cream and sprinkle of cinnamon, or pair them with grilled pork chops for a sweet and savory main course.

4. A Global Take on Local Beef

No barbeque is complete without a burger. Fortunately, B.C. produces some of the highest quality beef in the country. A Banh Mi style burger is a fantastic way to add brightness to the robust flavour of B.C. beef. View the full recipe here.

5. Locally Inspired Toppings

Tired of mustard? Try topping your next burger with blueberry compote instead. Sauté 1 cup of onions until golden brown, add ¾ cup B.C. blueberries and cook until they begin to burst. Add 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar and 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter, cook down and finish with salt and pepper to taste. This makes a great accompaniment to any meat, particularly when paired with fresh arugula, sharp cheese and a whole-wheat bun.

For all your summer barbeque needs, visit your nearest Whole Foods Market.

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