Celebrate Pizzeria Farina’s 11th Birthday with $11 Margherita Pies

In honour of their b-day festivities, Pizzeria Farina is also bringing back the fan-fave Pistachio ‘za for a limited time.

Thankfully the fears we had earlier this year about one of Vancouver’s most acclaimed and beloved pizza joints closing were assuaged and instead we get to celebrate Pizzeria Farina’s 11th birthday in style.

 Pizzeria Farina Exterior

For this weekend only (August 18-21) their Margherita pizza will be priced at $11 (down from the usual $19). If you haven’t tried their forever classic pie, I’ll give you the not-so-secret low-down: it’s got a Northern Italian-style crispy crust, tomato sauce that tastes bright and garden fresh and fior di latte that’s just melty enough for that movie-style cheese pull. Topped with basil and olive oil, this ‘za needs no dipping sauce or accoutrement: it’s perfect as-is (although, their chili oil is top notch).

Pizzeria Farina's Margherita Pizza

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In honour of this very special b-day, Farina is also re-releasing the fan-favourite Pistacchio pizza ($23) for a limited time (August 18-September 5). This unique pie combines melty fontina, salty and just-so-slightly crispy mortadella, and toasted pistachios for a textural combo like no other. Last night, as I devoured it, this pizza had me mumbling “so delicious” repeatedly even though my mouth was definitely full, and my partner had agreed with me multiple times already.

Pizzeria Farina Pistacchio PizzaJust look at that perfect morty-d to cheese ratio!

Both pizzas are available for dine-in, or take-out from Pizzeria Farina on Main Street.

Pizzeria Farina
Address: 915 Main Street
Hours: 5PM-9:30PM
Website: pizzeriafarina.com