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Chef Hugo Durán Is Coming to Alimentaria Mexicana

Alimentaria Mexicana presents workshops and a five-course dinner with Chef Hugo Durán


If you’ve been to Alimentaria Mexicana, then you know that they’re more than just a restaurant. Yes, their food is absolutely delicious, but they are also an educational and retail space that sells international and locally sourced artisanal Mexican food products and provisions.  They utilize their storefront to showcase techniques, traditions and products of Mexican and local artisans.

Now they’re hosting celebrated Mexican Chef Hugo Durán for a one-night-only five-course dinner and two days of workshops. If you’re looking to eat outrageously delicious food and learn about the traditions and ingredients that make it so great, then this is for you. Durán is a chef with deep Indigenous roots who celebrates the flavours and culture of Mexico. So you can expect food that is inspired by his travels through central Mexico, Oaxaca and the Yucatán with a spotlight on biocultural diversity. It’s this spotlight on biocultural diversity that will be highlighted during the workshops at Alimentaria.  

Chef Hugo Durán


The workshops will take place April 30 and May 1 in the Fabrica at Alimentaria. They’ll focus on the applications of non-nixtamalized maize. (For those who don’t know, nixtamalizing maize is the process of soaking dried kernels in an alkaline solution, usually food-grade lime. This process is used to create masa – which is then used to make tamales, tortillas and more.) Durán won’t just be cooking – the workshops include a brief history of Mesoamerica and its influence as well as a discussion about the importance of corn in food culture. Of course, no workshop is complete without practical instructions, and this one will show how non-nixtamalized maize can be used at home. Even better, you get to eat the lessons you just learned: the dishes available for sampling will feature four breeds of heirloom corn. 


The ticketed dinner event will take place on May 3. Chef Durán’s five-course culinary experience highlights Mayan traditions and will feature ingredients sourced next door at Granville Island Public Market, so you know it will be seasonal and fresh. Dishes you can expect will include Sikil P’aak (which is a savoury toasted pumpkin seed and tomato dip), cured fish tostadas, potato tamales, seafood mixiote and a poached pear dessert served with dried herbs and corn cacao porridge.


When: April 30 and May 1; 9AM-11:30AM
Cost: $35 per person
Tickets: Purchase your tickets via their website 

When: May 3; 6:30PM
Cost: $80 per person; optional beverage pairing $40
Tickets: Purchase your tickets via their website 

Alimentaria Mexicana
1596 Johnston St.