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De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Helps Create Your Perfetto Coffee Moment

De’Longhi is bringing sophistication and innovation to your counter with the Dinamica Plus—and as the company’s new ambassador, Brad Pitt brings his keen eye for design to a global campaign

Vancouver residents love their coffee. Self-proclaimed aficionados, they have their favorite local coffee shops and have perfected their personal recipes. But in a time when more people want the quality and customization of bringing their favourite recipes and flavours to their own countertops, De’Longhi is the ultimate solution for Espresso Made Right™.

“The De’Longhi at home experience is all about the moment, coffee, aromas, personalization, and premium taste,” says Doug Parkinson, category manager, coffee. “Steeped in Italian tradition and culture, De’Longhi personifies that perfetto moment a premium cup of coffee can create.”

Credit: De’Longhi

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus is a fully automatic, bean-to-cup espresso machine that features the patented LatteCrema™ System for automatic milk frothing and a new app that delivers the highest level of personalization. With one touch, the consumer can brew over a dozen different and delicious coffee and espresso beverages.

“For those who love their local flavours, they can learn how to craft their own favorite beverage at home, and by purchasing their favorite coffee beans at their local coffee shop, enjoy the pleasure of quality coffee right in their kitchen,” Parkinson says.

De’Longhi is a leader in the North American specialty coffee and espresso category known for superior Italian design and breakthrough technology. Based just outside of Venice, Italy, and founded by the De’Longhi family, the Dinamica’s is steeped in Italian design, culture and innovation.

“After more than a century of passionately perfecting its products, De´Longhi is continually creating innovations that bring convenience and style into every customer’s home making the everyday better,” Parkinson says.

Coffee is an Italian tradition that has turned into a global passion with regional expressions. In fact, De’Longhi has experienced significant year-over-year growth by continuing to lead with smart innovation centered around high-quality espresso machines. With either the Fully Automatic range or premium manual range, De’longhi strives to make it easy for people to personalize their experiences and recipes.

“People want premium high-quality espresso with customized recipes and ultimate personalization with the ease and simplicity of the single touch of a button,” Parkinson says. “De’Longhi continues to invest in delivering a high-quality espresso experience throughout their entire range of espresso products.”

Now it is time to share this passion for espresso done right with the world. The company has introduced its impressive balance of sophistication and approachability with a global campaign that announces Brad Pitt as a De’Longhi ambassador.

“De’Longhi is a perfect blend of innovation and design, bringing a coffee shop to your counter,” Parkinson says. “That is why we are pleased to work with an ambassador like Brad Pitt to bring together and represent this perfetto moment.”

“Brad Pitt is passionate about coffee and simplicity in design and has a keen eye for sophistication,” Parkinson says. “His values align nicely with what we are hoping to achieve with this design and product.”

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