Holiday cookies and milk

Enjoy a dose of nostalgia with a serving of cookies and milk

Enjoy a dose of nostalgia with a serving of cookies and milk

Though it might seem odd to leave cookies and milk for a plump, elderly man to enjoy while he pokes around your living room at night while you’re asleep, a glass of milk and a plate of cookies remains a lasting holiday tradition. For those looking to partake in this festive pairing, grab a glass of milk and check out these holiday cookies from some local Vancouver bakeries.

Totoro Cookie from Liberty Bakery & Caféliberty

From the corner of 21st and Main comes the Totoro cookie ($3.25/each), a new take on the classic gingerbread man. The artfully designed cookie (all three owners happen to be artists) resembles the character Totoro from the Japanese animated film My Neighbor Totoro. With a gingerbread base and a sugar cookie belly this cookie is almost too adorable to eat… almost.3699 Main Street, 604-709-9999,

Chocolate Sparkles from Thomas Haashaas2

The Chocolate Sparkle cookies from Thomas Haas have received numerous accolades (they were once hailed the “World’s Best Cookie”). Why? Visualize a warm, baked chocolate truffle cookie. Need we say more? These cookies can be purchased baked and ready-to-devour ($12 for 6) or you can buy the cookies in raw form and bake them yourself at home ($12 for 6).2539 West Broadway, 604-736-1848,

Sugar Cookies from Butterbutter

The creative bakers at Butter are whipping up their signature made-from-scratch sugar cookies in various holiday designs ($6/each). Santa heads, elves, and snowmen-shaped cookies are sure to draw any grinch into the holiday spirit (that’s right, they have also captured the Grinch in sugar and butter, check their Instagram).4907 Mackenzie Street, 604-221-4333,

Macarons from Bon Macaron Patisseriemacaron

The two frenchmen behind Bon Macaron have managed to capture the traditional flavours of the season in macaron form. Fruit cake, gingerbread, and rum and eggnog ($1.50/each) are among their holiday flavours as well as a snowman-shaped macaron ($6) with a candy cane flavoured head, a white chocolate belly, and a gingerbread (ahem) bottom.2823 West Broadway, 778-379-6065,

Shortbread from Péché Mignonpeche

The artisan shortbread from Péché Mignon (which translates to “guilty pleasure”) are made in small batches and come in both sweet and savoury flavours ($8.50-$12). Using only natural ingredients, these shortbread have a crispy exterior and a melt-in-your-mouth interior that are the hallmarks of classic shortbread. Pechemignonkitchen.comAvailable at the following markets:Whole Foods Market, 510 West 8th Ave., 778-370-4210 Urban Fare, 177 Davie St, 604-975-7550

Biscotti from PurebreadCranberry-&-white-chocolate-biscotti-2

The holiday menu at Purebread is extensive, but their biscotti stands out as the ultimate dunking cookie. In festive cranberry, white chocolate, and pistachio flavour ($8/package), this biscotti is made with simple, natural ingredients.159 West Hastings, 604-563-8060,

Nuez Organic Nutmilkmilk-and-package

For a dairy-free cookie companion, try Nuez organic nut milks. Created by local resident Lauren Elbe, these nut milks are made the old fashioned way, in a kitchen, not a laboratory. The result? Nut milk that is fresh, creamy, and delicious without additives, stabilizers, and fillers. There are also a myriad of flavours available—like cacao hazelnut and honey vanilla bean almond—to pair with festive treats. The nut milk can be purchased as a frozen concentrate ($12-$14/L) or fresh from Elbe herself at local farmers markets ($7/355ml).

Nuez photo: Tristan Casey