Purdys Put a Real Bunny in a Mini Chocolate Factory for Their 2023 Easter Campaign

A real live bunny selects Easter chocolates in "Bunny's Choice."

If you’ve never peeked inside Vancouver’s Purdys chocolate factory, you absolutely should. I took a tour last summer and seeing all of the awesome tech (and very friendly people) that create the confections was awesome. There was, as one can expect, an absence of any animals on the factory floor.

But according to Purdys, there was a certain animal heavily involved in the newly launched Easter chocolate box. I’ll give you one guess as to what animal that is. Watch below.


Exactly how “authentic” this video is remains unknown—surely the human employees had something to do with the choices—but who cares? The Purdys team constructed a tiny set that mimics the chocolate factory. It’s really goddamn cute.

behind the scenes purdy's chocolate easter campaign
The “Bunny’s Choice” set. Photo courtesy of Purdys.

Purdys’ 2023 Easter chocolate box, called “Bunny’s Choice,” contains 16 chocolates and retails for $23, and is available in-store and online starting today. The company has also donated $5,000 to a charity called Rabbitats, a rabbit rescue organization.

Perhaps in anticipation of all the holiday sweets, the Easter bunny itself opted for lettuce at craft services.

The “Easter bunny” did a pretty good job: in my (correct) opinion, the purple-ribboned rabbit chose lots of winners (dark chocolate himalayan pink salt caramel, peanut butter crunch, mango, mini hedgehog, pecan caramel) some good picks (caramel carnival, almond burst) and one stinker (Saskatoon berry—sorry Saskatooners, this one is not it).

Don’t like the Easter bunny’s choices? It doesn’t carrot all.

My favourite, the peanut butter daisy, is notably missing. But I can’t stay mad at that face.