The Ultimate Spot Prawn Price Guide!

How to make sure you're sourcing the best price on these sweet lil' suckers.

How to make sure you’re sourcing the best price on these sweet lil’ suckers.

We know how it is—you’ve invited the gang over this weekend for your famous spot prawn boil, you head to the store and WHAM! When the hell did spot prawns get so pricey? Three years ago (or so). But don’t fret—and don’t dare pay $30 per pound—because we’ve sleuthed out the best deals going so that you can put those extra savings to buying The New Wine of Summer!

Fisherman’s Wharf: $20 per pound

Fresh Ideas Start Here: $22 per pound

Gar-Lock Seafoods: $22.99 regular; $24.99 jumbo

The Lobster Man: $24.99 per pound for live; $34.99 for headless

Seafood City, Granville Island: $27.90 regular; $49.90 tails only

T&T Supermarket: $19.99 per pound (Thursday is the last day they are selling spot prawns)