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You Ordered How Much?!

We’re breaking down who ordered what across the city… and you won’t believe some of the answers!

We’re breaking down who ordered what across the city… and you won’t believe some of the answers!

At SkipTheDishes, we know you deserve great delivery. Whether it’s a Sunday morning brunch, Wednesday’s lunch at work, or late on a Friday night, we have lots of restaurant options to satisfy any craving.

We thought we’d dig a little deeper into the top cravings Vancouverites have indulged in over the past year, and what we discovered might surprise you!

It’s likely not a surprise that sushi is on the list. After all, the province was one of the first North American cities to introduce sushi, and has even been dubbed the “sushi capital of North America.”

But what ​might ​ shock you is that in the past year alone, Vancouverites ordered a whopping 130 MILLION sushi rolls. That’s a lot of wasabi! Among the most popular choices were California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and avocado rolls. (Yum.)

But, so far in 2019, you’ve ordered a lot more than just sushi. We’re breaking it down for you by area: Keep reading to see where you fit in!

Coquitlam, Burnaby and Kitsilano

You guys really love your butter chicken! In Coquitlam, Burnaby, and Kitsilano, butter chicken came out on top as the most ordered dish. In fact, 19,000 orders of butter chicken were placed in Burnaby alone since January 1!

The highest dollar amount spent on a single order was $685.02, which included 196 vegetable samosas! For reference, that’s 15 ft 7 in of samosa, which is basically like putting two Lebron James’ end to end.

Downtown and North Vancouver

In both Downtown and North Van, the most ordered items have been chicken, beef or lamb pita donairs, to the tune of 11,817 deliveries.

The biggest spend on a single order was $915.20: This is the largest order placed across all of our areas in the Vancouver area!

Ladner, Langley and White Rock

Ladner, Langley and White Rock are home to the highest number of sushi lovers. Perhaps it’s no surprise to learn that the California roll was the top pick in all of these areas. These three neighbourhoods combined placed 13,700 orders for California rolls, which works out to over 109,000 individual rolls!

Surrey and North Langley

Surrey and North Langley stood out from the rest of the list. Chicken burgers were ordered most often (7,000 times!) in Surrey, with North Langley preferring something sweeter with Frosty’s as their top food pick. The highest dollar amount here goes to Surrey with an enormous individual order of $549.80!

Do your ordering habits match what the rest of your area is ordering? Or do your tastes lean in a different direction?

Either way, SkipTheDishes has the choices you desire. Order food delivery or takeout online or on our app to gain access to the best restaurants in Vancouver and get the food you want, delivered.

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