5 Next-Level Baking Tools

Yes, you could go functional. But why not make time in the kitchen pretty too?

Yes, you could go functional. But why not make time in the kitchen pretty too?

Rolling Pin for Skate Enthusiasts

The Calgary-based AdrianMartinus reclaim the skateboard as artwork with their tables, feature walls and—my favourite—French rolling pins made from of recycled decks and hardwood flooring. A rainbow of pinks, oranges, blues and greens from the skateboards pop out between gorgeous hardwoods. $80,

All-In-One Muffin Tin

What’s to love about a muffin tin, you ask? It’s all in Trudeau’s new Structure line: it’s a silicone liner paired with an integrated steel support system. Essentially, it means a non-stick pan that won’t flake, without storing a second floppy liner around. Plus, you know, fuchsia: it’s win-win-win. $30, thebay.com

Heart-Shaped Le Crueset

The beyond-adorable new heart-shaped Sugar Pink casserole from Le Creuset is made out of the brand’s signature cast-iron, the pretty-in-pink casserole, and it’s just the right vehicle to test out a few recipes from Leslie Stowe’s new cookbook, including her White Chocolate Brioche. $225,  lecreuset.ca

Vintage Flour Sifter

Sifting has fallen out of favour (whisking is the go-to), but a recent post from food writer and chef, David Lebovitz, may have you rethinking it. Grab this new mint green version from Trudeau, virtually a replica of old-timey sifters (but with three levels of mesh).

Modern Mezzaluna

We’re finally inching toward salad season, and all those garden herbs are easily crushed under less-than-sharp knives. This Herb and Salad Chopper from Microplane is based on the classic mezzaluna, with the blade in this updated design retracting inside the tool for between uses—perfect for making quick work of mincing—while saving your fingers for more important tasks, like flipping the pages of your favourite book.