4 New Restaurants Opening This Month (May 2018)

From poke to cheesecake to all-matcha-everything, get your foodie fix at these hot new eateries.

From poke to cheesecake to all-matcha-everything, get your foodie fix at these hot new eateries.

There’s a lot to love about Vancouver—the OG wooden roller coasterthe classy dispensariesthe pretty pink snowstorms. But we also really really love food, which is why we can’t wait for these delicious new spots to finally open their doors. (Photo Credit: Uncle Tetsu Canada, Instagram)

1. Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

Where: Metropolis at Metrotown, 4700 Kingsway, Burnaby

Why we’re excited: On Friday, May 18, Metrotown will become home to the first Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake store in B.C. Imprinted with the chain’s signature caricature of Uncle Tetsu, the jiggling treat is a light and fluffy combination of cheesecake and sponge cake. Buttery honey madeleines, cheese tarts and crunchy rusk biscuits will also be available.

(Photo Credit: Perverted Ice Cream, Instagram)

2. Perverted Ice Cream

Where: 797 Thurlow St.

Why we’re excited: Downtown Vancouver is about to get a bit indecent—and a lot more delicious—with the opening of Perverted Ice Cream (yes, you read that right). The ambiguous soft-serve ice cream parlour is creating all types of hype with its sex-centric marketing (#icecreamwithatwist, #everytimeicomeicecream). We’re not sure what to expect but fun’s in the mystery.

(Photo Credit: Pokey Okey, Instagram)

3. Pokey Okey

Where: 8060 Anderson Rd., Richmond

Why we’re excited: The Hokey Pokey is an old past-time but this cute pastel restaurant right across the street from Richmond City Hall is changing up the game. Scheduled to open sometime this month, Pokey Okey specializes in creating an extra-colourful take on the classic Hawaiian raw fish dish with its assortment of toppings like crunchy carrots, fresh tomatoes and quality salmon.

(Photo Credit: Nana’s Green Tea Canada, Instagram)

4. Nana’s Green Tea

Where: 2135 West 41st Ave.

Why we’re excited: Dedicated to serving traditional Japanese fare (with modern twists!), Nana’s is a matcha made in heaven for green-tea fanatics. The menu features everything from hoji-cha (roasted green tea) to soft-serve matcha ice cream. And for those feeling a little less green, there’s also a variety of savoury foods (think rice bowls topped with salmon roe) to choose from.

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