5 Best Dog-Friendly Patios in Vancouver

So both you and your bone-afide buddy can enjoy the sun.

So both you and your bone-afide buddy can enjoy the sun.

Warm weather, sun-kissed floorboards, refreshing cocktails—patio season is officially in! And nothing says summer more than an afternoon spent patio hopping with a best friend (a.k.a. your dog!). It’s not always easy to find an outdoor spot that caters to four-legged companions—and keep in mind that the City of Vancouver doesn’t actually allow pets on patios (food safety and all that)—but there are some incredible terraces that try their best to let you keep your furry friends close by.

1. Burgoo

Nestled among the Main-Street hustle and bustle is a neighbourhood establishment that dog owners can really appreciate: Burgoo Bistro. This cozy spot has a large outdoor patio where you can enjoy comfort food dishes like chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese, and beef bourguignon. Meanwhile, your dog can sip from their very own bowl of H2O. 3096 Main St.

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2. The Whip

Tucked away on a quiet street off Main is the Whip, a restaurant which welcomes dogs to join their owners beside the small-but-cozy patio. The menu has a fresh, local blend of vegetarian alternatives alongside meaty options—think burgers, sandwiches and other casual pub fare. Your dog will most definitely try to steal a bite (or at least plead with sweet puppy eyes), so try your best to resist. 209 East 6th Ave.

(Photo Credit: The Juice Truck, Instagram)

3. The Juice Truck Cafe

Sure, you can find the actual Juice Truck roaming the streets, but their Mount Pleasant cafe is a popular hangout spot for people and pups alike (scroll through their Instagram for a peek at all their furry visitors). The Juice Truck is renowned for its colourful selection of healthy cold-pressed juice, but the cafe also offers treat-yo’-self snacks like the almond chocolate cup—just remember not to give Fido a taste, no matter how much he begs. 28 West 5th Ave.

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(Photo Credit: CK Golf)

4. Red Truck

This East Van brewery has a sun-drenched patio with a special area for dogs. Simply tie them up under the umbrellas (because pups need shade too!) while you enjoy a pint beer with whatever pub grub hits your fancy. (Rumour has it dogs on the Red Truck patio are treated to unlimited bowls of water.) 285 East 1st Ave.

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5. Score on Davie

Score on Davie isn’t just gaining ap-paws for it’s over-the-top caesars or spicy crispy chicken sandwich—the street-side patio is a pawsitively awesome spot to bring your dog. While you bask in the sun, your dog can stay hydrated with its very own order of fresh water—just remember to tie them up outside! 1262 Davie St.

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