5 Things to Eat After a Late Night Out in Vancouver

Because burgers, pizza and dosas always taste better after 2 a.m.

Because burgers, pizza and dosas always taste better after 2 a.m.

Marijuana isn’t the only thing that gives people the munchies—alcohol can share some of the blame for ill-advised midnight mow-downs. The problem isn’t so much the time of consumption, but the quality and volume of the food consumed. Here, we’ve compiled a wide range of choices, some of which will seem good the night of, others of which will seem good the day after. Choose wisely.

House of Dosas

Open 24/7

Signature Dish Chicken vindaloo dosa, $11

Why? All the way out near Kingsway and Knight Street, this out-of-the-way favourite serves the sort of enormous, screw-tomorrow food tubes your margarita-addled mind craves most. These huge lentil wraps are filled with curries, combining the strong flavours the intoxicated love with the sort of easy consumption that keeps their dignity largely intact.

Mushroom moussaka (Photo: Ruth Hartnup, Flickr

The Naam, Kitsilano

Open 24/7

Signature Dish aam Dragon Bowl, $10.75

Why?This is where you should tell your sober friend to make sure you end up. The plates are generous and full of bold flavours for your dumb drunk mouth, but this all-vegetarian option won’t add too much to the 1,500 calories of beer you downed just before arriving. Their rice- and quinoa-based dragon bowls focus on warm Asian aromas like peanut and spicy curry sauce, with tofu and “meaty” veggies to soak up the flavours.

Lucy’s Eastside Diner, Mount Pleasant

Open 24/7

Signature Dish ll Day Every Day burger and milkshake combo, $13

Why? Lucy’s may have been designed with the drinking crowd in mind. Think about it: the diner is open all night, cares naught about style and believes firmly in the uninhibited mixing of their billion flavours of milkshake. We would tell you to get mint-peanut butter, because that’s the best, but half the fun is in trying to concoct a bad combo and failing every time.

(Photo: The Pizza Review, Flickr

Did’s Pizza, Downtown

Open Until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays

Signature Dish Pesto pizza, $3 to $3.50 per slice

Why? Open late on Fridays and Saturdays (you weren’t drinking on a school night, were you?), Did’s is a Vancouver institution. Drunk Vancouverites have been satisfying their poorly articulated hungers here since the ’80s, and the signature pesto pizza has been served since day one—it’s practically part of Vancouver’s history.

(Photo: R4vi, Flickr

That One McDonald’s at International Village, Downtown

Open 24/7

Signature Dish“Gimmmme every big mmmack and fries! Wate. No. Just one meal inssssead. That’s SMART! Right? Right, what, whassyername…manager? Isn’t that right, MANAGER?!”, $7.79

Why? Let’s be honest. This is where you’ll end up, no matter what we say. By including it, at least we get to seem influential. Get the Big Mac because, what, are you trying to impress someone?

Emergency Rations

Snack Land (open until 2:30 a.m.) proclaims itself “King of Snacks,” and with a selection of weird chocolate (Idaho Spud!) and soda (Irn-Bru!) from around the world, it’s hard to argue. 3011 Main St.

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