Beloved Gibsons Fixture Smitty’s Oyster House Hits Main Street

One of the Sunshine Coast's hottest spots is getting a second location.

Count yourself lucky if you’ve ever been able to get a table at Smitty’s Oyster House on a hot summer day in Gibsons. Even when conditions aren’t ideal, it’s nearly impossible to find a spot at the seaside eatery. But while the original location is closed for the winter until February 14, fans of Smitty’s (especially those in Vancouver) have reason to rejoice today, as the restaurant is opening up a second location. 

The spot that formerly housed The Five Point—just north of Main and 16th—is now reportedly home to Smitty’s Oyster House Main Street.

The restaurant will apparently be open on Saturday, and the menu features more or less what you’d expect from Smitty’s. There’s a bevy of seafood available, including po’boy sliders, seared scallops, halibut fritters, a bucket of Dungeness crab legs and, of course, fresh oysters at market price. 

There’s also a solid selection of beverages, including a decently sized wine list and craft beer on offer. 

So while it’s a bit sad to say goodbye to the always underrated Five Point—let’s hope the trivia nights stay—adding another Smitty’s to the west coast is a big win. Plus, we know that the new Smitty’s is going to put that street-side patio to good use. See you Saturday?