Both Como and Pepino’s Are Now Open For Takeout

The neighbourhood gems are taking their talents to takeout.

As we continue to cope with these unprecedented times, our restaurant industry is in a daily regrouping mode trying to survive and also trying to help their communities at large. We’ve already gone over a cross-section of Gold winners in our Restaurant Awards (you can find that list here) but we wanted out to call out two new spots that are taking up takeout. 

We’re highlighting both Como Taperia and Pepino’s Spaghetti House, not just because they are both Restaurant Award winners—they are, and we’ve long been fans of both spots. But more importantly they were two of the very first wave of restaurants to announce voluntary closures—at great personal sacrifice to the owners and the staff and well before they were ordered to—and that we’ll forever remember.

Up first is Como:

All of our perishable inventory has been donated to our staff. In an effort to sell off some of our non perishable inventory we are selling some of our Wine and Conservas (Tinned Spanish Seafood) at big discounts to help get us pay the bills and get through these next few weeks or months while we are closed.

Food can be ordered up to 2:30 on the day off by filling out an online form here. We love the yellowfin loin from Galician (25% of $18) and pair it with a bottle of Mencia from Telmo Rodriguez that, at $32, is a few bucks less than retail.

And Pepino’s is offering both pick-up through Tock or takeout via Doordash. For these guys it’s tough to beat the full comfort treatment: garlic cheesebread to start, the now famous Spaghetti and Meatballs, finishing with cheesecake. And maybe spring for a bottle of the sublime Altesino Brunello for $60, the exact price at the BCLDB. Also, they schedule their pickups by time in order to maintain proper social distancing. 

All class here for both parties. All taste too, BTW.