BREAKING: A Very Cool New Restaurant Is Opening in Mount Pleasant

The crew from Published is doubling down with Novella.

I don’t think there’s been a more ambitious restaurant to hit Vancouver in the past few years than Published on Main. Not only is the menu a radically deconstructed series of expertly crafted vignettes, but the food under chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson is remarkably pure and on point—it feels like the sort of restaurant that every chef dreams of opening before being slammed with the harsh realities of having an unflinching focus. But Chef Gus and the team have kept true to their vision through about the worst period imaginable. Published still has some accessible gems on the menu for the locals, it still loves a tasting menu (check out their $300 NYE tour de force) and it still give its all to every service.

So when we caught wind that they are planning a second room, it was major news. The top line deets?

1. It’ll be called Novella (great name);

2. It will be located right by Burdock & Co at 2650 Main;

3. It be focused on coffee, breakfast and brunch and will include a curated selection of groceries;

4. Chef Ash Kurtz, formerly of St. Lawrence, will be running the food program and is working with Chef Gus on the menu.


5. Opening should be early 2022.

This opening really underscores the trend towards the low-fi, high execution of the modern neighbourhood store concept—pioneered by Federal Store and its segment that includes recent openings like O Carolina, Collective Goods and The Drive Canteen. We can’t wait to see how this dialled-in crew takes on the concept. Full release is below.


The next chapter at 2650 Main Street in Mount Pleasant is currently being written, as the team behind Published on Main prepares to release Novella in early 2022. A coffee bar, breakfast spot, and neighbourhood grocer all-in-one, the new destination will connect small producers to guests through coffee, food, and collaboration.

The 3,200-square-foot space, currently designed by Establishment Interiors, will be made for gatherings, working, and dining in the brightly lit front, and while the back is designed for lounging, reading, and conversation – all enjoyed over an exceptional brewed cup of coffee and elevated breakfast and brunch menu items.

“When we were developing Novella, we didn’t want it to be just a cafe, but a dynamic place for guests to start their day, to discover local brands, and to have some of the best coffee and breakfast food Mount Pleasant has to offer,” says Cody Allmin, proprietor of Novella, Published on Main, as well as co-founder of Twin Sails Brewing. “Collaboration within the community is going to be a big focus for us, especially with our background in the beer industry. Collaboration has allowed that industry to grow dramatically over the years, so why not with coffee?”

Novella will be looking to partner with roasters from around the city to offer a rotating selection of beans to guests, in addition to developing unique house blends through collaborations. It will also stock pastries and sweets from select local partners as well. The food program is currently being fine-tuned and led by the talented chefs team of Published on Main’s executive chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson and Novella’s incoming chef Ash Kurtz. Kurtz previously served as chef de cuisine at Vancouver’s celebrated St. Lawrence Restaurant for four years.

“We’re definitely putting an emphasis on breakfast during our menu development,” says Kurtz. “It’s the most important meal of the day, and we’re getting creative, but keeping things uncomplicated at the same time.”

Novella will also feature a micro-grocer section, highlighting a selection of curated goods, including housemade sourdough and beloved community brands.