This Might Just Be the Best Bowl (!) of Cheese in the City

Why we're saying "Yes, please!" to cheese at La Mezcaleria.

Why we’re saying “Yes, please!” to cheese at La Mezcaleria.

Depending on what part of the Spanish-speaking world you’re visiting, fundido can mean bankrupt, spoiled or just really tired. Here in Vancouver it means melted, and when La Mezcaleria pairs it with queso in a primordial-looking volcanic bowl (a molcajete) you have an over-the-top dish that frankly spoils with its richness, morally bankrupts those on a diet and, depending on how many times you dive back into the bowl, can leave your biceps feeling really tired. The allure lies in the simplicity: melted mozzarella, some herbs. We gravitate to the queso fundido con salsa verde ($21) version for the sad reason that the bitterness of the tomatillos and serrano peppers allows us to continue eating even when we’re full.

La Mezcaleria

68 East Cordova