The return of the dipped cone!

Ice Cream's beloved suit of chocolatey armour reigns over Kits!

Ice Cream’s beloved suit of chocolatey armour reigns over Kits!

Dipped cones are up there with fried chicken and sushi as the three foods that are best left to professional kitchens. And while we have sushi more than covered in town and fried chicken is making its move, until recently, if you wanted a dipped cone you had exactly one choice—Dairy Queen. And if you’re into nostalgia and don’t mind paying rather dearly for some mass-produced “soft serve” (it can’t technically be called ice cream because of the low butterfat content) served on a cardboard-y cone, then head to your local DQ.storefront                    But, if you want to up the dipped cone game a bit—ice cream from Birchwood Dairy in Abbotsford, Rainforest Alliance Certified Chocolate—then Kitsilano’s Dip is the ticket. Owner’s Tanya Shklanka (left) and Robyn Harding (right) have created an emporium dedicated to the dipped cone.DIP Two -7There are three types of soft serve (vanilla, chocolate, swirl) that can be dipped into nine types of chocolate (from matcha white chocolate to a milk chocolate peanut butter to a spicy Mexican dark chocolate) and then rolled or sprinkled with everything from Skor bits to English sponge toffee to, if you’re still digging nostalgia, rainbow sprinkles.small_DIP May2016-1                    


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