Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Fabulous Finds For Foodies

Keep the home cooks and gastronomes in your life happy—you know it makes sense.

Keep the home cooks and gastronomes in your life happy—you know it makes sense.

High Tea

$350 These limited-edition tea sets (with copper handles and walnut knobs) are a collaboration between Vancouver’s Hinterland Design and artist Genevieve Dionne.

Smoothie Stick

$50 Toss your big counter-hogging blender and buy a cheap and cheerful 2-speed Kitchenaid immersion blender with handy blender jar. It’s all you need.

Charcuterie Cutie

$150 Because forest to table is the new farm to table. Bowyer and Toulson craft their extra-long boards from fallen Vancouver trees.


Chef Pick: Blanton’s Bourbon

$170,  “My all-time favourite single-barrel bourbon has a sweet, smooth finish with hints of caramel and nutmeg, making it a great drink to enjoy over the holiday season. The bottles themselves are beautiful as well; I like to save the decorative horses on the corks—collect them all and they make a fun stop-motion video.” ­—Dan Olson, Chef and Co-owner, Railtown Catering and Cafe

Locavore Read

$39 Recipes from the city’s top restaurants (Hawksworth, AnnaLena, Cioppino’s) in one gorgeous cookbook from Joanne Sasvari.

Matchy Cheese Set

$39.50 Nothing says adult like, “I got all my marble-handled copper cheese knives from one place.”

Bartender Pick: Keep Cup

$26,  “Not only does it help cut down on single-use coffee cups, it makes drinking coffee look good.” —Kaitlyn Stewart, Bar Manager, Royal Dinette 

Best Rub

$15 Half of our editors say this Charcoal rub is the best steak rub they’ve ever had in the history of steak rubs (the other two just haven’t tried it yet).

The “It Does Everything” Pot

$230 This 10-in-1 Instant Pot slow cooks, pressure cooks, steams veggies, cooks rice, makes yogurt—pretty much everything but get the kids to school.

Daily Grinders

From $120 These cast-iron Skeppshult grinders with walnut lids are designed in Denmark and made in Sweden, so what are you waiting for?

Chef Pick: Culinary Escape to Galliano Island

$420  “If you need a truly memorable gift for a someone special, I would suggest planning a trip to Galliano Island to stay for a night at Bodega Ridge ($300/night) and enjoy dinner at Pilgrimme (around $120 for two). Chef Jesse McCleery is a good friend of mine and his cuisine is incredibly fresh and seasonal, with most ingredients sourced from local farms or foraged from nearby. Let Jesse cook for you and enjoy a break from city life.” —Ricardo Valverde, Chef, Ancora

Pie Making 101

$150 Master double-butter crust pastry and make your own apple pear caramel praline pie in a class with Pie Hole founder Janell Parsons.

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