Is Pizzeria Farina Closing?

The building has been sold, and they've been told to beat it by April 30.

Well, we wish this was an April Fool’s joke, but it appears that one of our most-acclaimed and beloved Pizza spots may be in jeopardy of closing. In an Instagram post yesterday they said:

The rumours are true, and although we have been told the building is being sold and that we need to be out by April 30th, we remain optimistic that we will find a solution and Farina will live on. We wanted to take this time to thank you for your support over the last 11 years. We never dreamed our little shop would have become what it is today!


So while it’s not 100% finito, it don’t look good. It would be a terrible end to such a great place. Since opening 11 years ago it has been a mainstay the the Best Pizza category in our Restaurant Awards and it’s one of those rare spots that has been able to maintain its quality and standing in the industry for their entire run.

Pizzeria Farina

Now, there is some hope that they’ll either find a new location or be able to stay at their Main Street digs a bit longer. And of course we still have their excellent offshoot Farina a Legna over in North Van. And while we’ll keep you posted on what’s happening… it might not be a bad time to zip over to 915 Main to pay your respects with a lovely finochiona.