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Opening Soon: New Peruvian Restaurant, Suyo, Coming to Main Street

Ancora's chef to launch new modern Peruvian restaurant in former Slickity Jim's space this summer.

You’ve gotta be pretty brave or pretty lucky to open a restaurant in this economy, at a time where finding staff is near-impossible and snagging a construction crew to help actually build the room itself is even more of a miracle. But the team behind Mount Pleasant’s upcoming Suyo have certainly built up enough good resto-karma in their collective years in the business to weather the industry’s current challenges. 

Launching the modern Peruvian restaurant is a dream team of partner and chef Ricardo Valverde (of formerly of Ancora and Blue Water Café acclaim), GM James Reynolds (who worked the room beautifully at La Buca, Blue Water, and La Regaladae), and Botanist star bartender Max Curzon-Price (he’ll be leaning heavily on the pisco and South American wines, and we’re not mad about it). Tech entrepreneur Felix Ng has been tapped to be director of operations and partner, and Evoke International Design is on the case with the South American-inspired interiors (think tropical greenery galore).

Their goal is to open in Main Street’s former Slickity Jim’s location this summer with 50 seats, a seafood-forward menu and dishes inspired that represent Peruvian cuisine’s unique global influences—China, Japan, Italy and Spain all have made their mark on the country’s food scene, and that melting-pot vibe will be present on Suyo’s menu.

Even ancient Incan recipes will get a shout-out, via modern approaches to dishes traditionally cooked underground on traditional hot stones.

There may be no specific details or sneak peek shots yet of the space, but visions of Peruvian-Chinese fusion are already dancing in our heads. Here’s hoping the bravery, luck and stellar resumes bring our dreams to fruition this summer.

Opening this summer
3475 Main St., Vancouver